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SWES 2016: Generation Y at Work

Understand what motivates Gen Y employees as they are the future leaders of our workforce.

Attracting and retaining talent in an organisation has become increasingly challenging for leaders globally. Leaders need to bring the right people into the organisation and ensure that these people actively contribute to the growth of the organisation. With the continuous tightening of the labour market, it is important for organisations to develop strategies that will not only attract the “right” people, but also keep them within their doors.

It is important to understand what motivates Gen Y employees, given their positions as the future leaders of our workforce. Are the motivators of Gen Y employees different from the rest of the workforce? What are the key drivers for loyalty, likelihood to stay and engagement?

In this paper, we decided to look at our annual Employee Engagement Survey data a little more closely to identify particular driving factors of Gen Y staff engagement that differ significantly from other age groups.

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