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We partner clients to successfully navigate organisation transformation through our unique People and Organisation Transformation approach; yes, People & Culture first, then Organisation Systems, Structures and Processes to guide and sustain the journey.


We believe that in any transformation (Digital or otherwise), it starts with the Leadership Team. The Senior Leaders must first “get their acts right” as One Team and role-model the Desired Culture. To illustrate what we mean, consider the following:


Imagine this. The leadership team members enter the room, chatting and laughing as they take their seats. The meeting starts on time, everyone shares, daring to be bold and contributes actively to the agenda. There is no ego and members are prepared to listen to differing perspectives and co-create solutions to unstructured issues….

Elsewhere, another leadership team enters the meeting room, silent and tense. As the meeting starts, individuals start pointing fingers at one another or remain silent throughout; there is no ownership of issues. There is a sense of cynicism and fear in embarking on new initiatives….

The differences between the two groups are stark. The first group of leaders displays behaviours consistent with values of collaboration, accountability and trust. The second group exhibits silo-mentality, blame and caution.

- Vincent Ho, Director, aAdvantage Consulting


group of Leadership Team would you trust to
drive your Organisation Transformation agenda? Why?


about the rest of the staff in the organisation? What positive or dysfunctional behaviours do you observe in the current culture?


are the promoters and inhibitors to change? Where do we begin?

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aAdvantage’s Domain Expertise in
Business & Culture Transformation
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Business and Stakeholder Diagnostics and Insights

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Success Outcomes, Strategy Development

and Cascading

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Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Management Huddles

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Culture Assessment, Design and Implementation

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Change Management

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Human Capital and

Talent Development

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Mission, Vision and

Values Development

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Staff Engagement and High-Performance Team Development

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Facilitated Leadership Team Coaching and Alignment, including Leadership Team Profiling and Assessments

Our Digital Transformation Programmes

A 1-Minute Survey

How Agile is your current mindset? Is your mindset helping or inhibiting you in building an Agile team?

The following is a free Leadership Agility Survey to facilitate your self-awareness and reflection. The result will provide you with a simple picture of how your leadership values map against the Barrett Seven Levels of Leadership Consciousness and in which areas they are helping or inhibiting your effectiveness as an Agile leader.

Measuring & Leading Success survey banne

A 5-Minute Survey

How serious are you about growing your culture to support your strategy and results?

Are you starting to see evidence of your efforts to grow an cohesive and effective culture?

What are the benefits and learning from your culture work? What are your next steps to sustain the journey? 

Our Impact, Our Transformation

SGX Testimonial aAdvantage Consulting

John Augustine Ong

Head of Learning & Development, HR

Singapore Exchange

Vincent partnered with us to lead and conduct the leadership values assessment debrief sessions and follow-up workshops for our senior leaders, providing a much-needed platform and forum for self-review and constructive dialogue. He helped the leaders to gain greater awareness of their own individual and leadership team values and philosophy, with the outcome of co-creating a common vision and goal for the future of the organization.

The value that Vincent brought to the whole process was his ability to facilitate a healthy discussion amongst our senior leaders and to help them synthesize their differing viewpoints into a coherent strategy and approach. 

Generally, the feedback from the various senior leaders was that they all felt that there was tremendous value in the process and the dialogue sessions were the catalyst to helping leadership the team identify and focus our organization towards a new way of thinking and behaviors, that would be supportive of the growth ambition of the organization.


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