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Boost Performance By Aligning Business Know-How
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enabley reshapes the way organisations deliver knowledge.


Our comprehensive Training-Learning-Knowledge solution, allows everyone to easily create content, distribute it, and get its insights, all at the same platform.


We believe in active blended learning approach to give your learners a uniquely engaging experience.
We are:

  • An authorised Supplier for many governmental offices globally.

  • Registered patent on adaptive learning.

  • Over 1,500 schools, colleges, and universities are using our platform.

aAdvantage Consulting enabley accolade over 15 years of experience

15+ years of Experience

aAdvantage Consulting enabley feature, virtual meeting rooms

Virtual Meeting Rooms

aAdvantage Consulting enabley feature active blended learning

Active Blended Learning

aAdvantage Consulting enabley has easy-to-create online updates

Easy-To-Create online updates

aAdvantage Consulting enabley is used in over 30 countries

30+ Countries

aAdvantage Consulting enabley online video conferencing feature

Online Video Conferencing

aAdvantage Consulting enabley has over 500 thousand users

500k+ Users

aAdvantage Consulting Live Video Webinars feature on enabley

Live Video Webinars

How enabley Supports your Sector



Distribute the latest

product releases



Ensure partners maintain your business standards​



Streamline logistic solutions



Keep your customers updated



Streamline the onboarding process​



Ensure well trained sales reps​



Simplify regulation training



Personalize training

Dealing with the Covid-19 Situation and Beyond

Do you face with any of these current challenges:

  • Ensuring that product knowledge is received on a timely basis to achieve performance

  • Creating learning content fast enough to meet business needs

  • Disengaged learners who don’t go through the learning content/information 

  • Don’t have the means to deliver learning content virtually, cost effectively

  • Don’t have the ability to assess if learners have acquired the competencies

What enabley can do:

  • Create interactive content to increase learner engagement quickly, using AI capabilities 

  • Empower employees to learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere (online and offline)

  • Gamify the learning experience

  • Enable instructors and learners to interact and facilitate collaborative learning

  • Enable virtual learning from small to large groups of up to 300 learners at a time

  • Assess the competency levels at the individual and organisational levels

  • Integrate business data to analyse the relationship between learning and business results

Learning made Simple

Updates Stream

Quickly align your workforce with short and measurable updates such as promotions, product release notes, regulations, policy changes and much more.

aAdvantage Consulting enable makes learning simple with structured courses and update streams

Structured Courses

Easily transform existing content into structured training and distribute it while gaining insights and real-time recommendations 

aAdvantage Consulting enabley saas platform


aAdvantage Consulting enabley is Mobile-ready and allows learning on the go

Learn on the go

aAdvantage Consulting enabley has a wide range of collaboration tools


aAdvantage Consulting Micro Leaning on enabley


aAdvantage Consulting enabley facilitates Internal and External Training

Internal and
External Training

aAdvantage Consulting enabley provides learning analytics

Learning Analytics

Rapid Course

aAdvantage Consulting Rapid Course Builder on enabley
aAdvantage Consulting enabley know who knows

Know who

aAdvantage Consulting Live sessions are available on enabley

Live Session

aAdvantage Consulting Interactive Content on enabley


aAdvantage Consulting enabley provides a blended learning approach


aAdvantage Consulting enabley facilitates course administration


aAdvantage Consulting Sell Courses Online using enabley

Sell Courses

aAdvantage Consulting enabley allows learners to collaborate with each other online

Communication with Learners Online

aAdvantage Consulting enabley allows trainers to engage and amaze their classes

Engage and Amaze
your Class

How Companies Use enabley Globally

aAdvantage Consulting Customer training on enabley


  • Product training for end-user customers

  • Training for business customers on the company's products & promotions

  • External training for third Parties


  • Recruitment & onboarding training of new employees, especially in operations & customer service departments

  • Ongoing training & updates of procedures, regulation, promotions, briefings, etc

  • Employees certification management & skills management

  • Mapping strengths and weaknesses of knowledge in different organisation/departments

  • Management and retention of organisational knowledge

aAdvantage Consulting Employee Training on enabley

How aAdvantage Consulting can Assist You to Implement enabley

Conduct a demonstration of the Enabley platform and share how you can use to create, deliver and evaluate learning effectiveness

Assist you to convert your existing offline learning content to online learning content

Develop blended learning approach for your current content

Think Security Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting

Rafael Saadon


Enabley eases my day to day work, freeing up more time for me to focus on the other parts of my business that also need attention. With a responsive and agile enabley team, I can give more value to my customers by simplifying the entire customer experience and making it more effective for them.

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MSIG Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting

Margaret Ching

Assistant VP of Learning & OD

The excellent support from aAdvantage and enabley speeds up our implementation process. Since aAdvantage is also a consulting and training provider, they could teach us how to use enabley from both an instructor’s and learner’s perspectives. Enabley is easy to use, we only had to train our learners how to login and change the default password when we launched enabley with a course. There was no need for end-user training or briefings, which shows how easy it is to navigate the platform! Our training to instructors is only about an hour to explain the features and instructors could then navigate and create courses largely on their own.

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Salauno Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting

Elsa Chavez

Training and Development Manager

Previously all our training was done in person, today we have the possibility of not closing our clinics, not to stop our operation because we have a platform that has adapted to our needs.

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It’s time to find out how enabley can benefit your business!

Close business knowledge gaps in real time by having full visibility on exactly who knows what within your organisation.

  • Align business knowledge across all teams​

  • Increase revenue due to better team performance​

  • Reduce total training costs

  • Get full visibility in real-time on critical business knowledge

  • Positively impact your bottom line

Quickly create, deliver, measure.

Fill out the form to schedule a personalised live one-on-one demo with our experts who will address your specific needs.

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