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Our ‘Lunch and Learn’ is an interactive bite-sized program that fits easily into your vacant time slot. This is an opportunity to drive personal development in your team and learn some of the key topics in a volatile business environment.

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Building Individual Agility through a Growth Mindset

In today’s volatile and changing world of work, professionals need a growth mindset to thrive and be better prepared to adapt to change. The growth mindset has increasingly become a buzzword in meetings and workplace settings. So what does this mindset entails, and how can leaders develop it in your companies?

Carol Dweck, a psychologist well known for her work in growth mindset speaks about how individuals with a fixed mindset often question their ability and are worried about others outperforming them. This anxiety constrains the ability to innovate and can lead to a silo culture.


Growth mindset individuals by contrast are more readily to embrace agile ways of working and feel a strong sense of ownership and commitment to companies. Your mindset plays a critical role in reaching your potential.

This 50-minute talk will empower you a growth mindset both at work and in life. Widen your perspectives on operating in a growth mindset and be prepared to thrive as the volatile environment welcomes obstacles as opportunities of growth.

Key Features
aAdvantage Consulting Recognise impact of different mindset Lunchtime talk


the impact of your different mindsets in an ever-changing environment

aAdvantage Consulting Lunchtime talk Identify roadblocks to a Growth mindset


roadblocks to your growth mindset

aAdvantage Consulting Lunchtime Talk Gain practical ways on effective mindset shifts


practical ways on effective mindset shifts

aAdvantage Consulting Lunctime Talk Learn to apply Growth mindset to maximize potential


to apply growth mindset to reach and exceed your potential

Building Individual
aAdvantage Consulting Turning Ordinary CX into Extraordinary Customer Experience on eCommerce banner
Turning Ordinary CX into Extraordinary Customer Experience on eCommerce

The pandemic has accelerated the shift of consumer behaviours to go online and becomes heavily reliant on eCommerce platforms to make their purchases. To remain relevant in this changed environment, it is critical for you to up your game on providing an extraordinary customer experience amidst the competitive eCommerce platforms.

Many companies often focus so much on their products and forget how customer experience can impact the final decision-making process. Your customers’ perception of how your online business treats them affects their purchase habits and loyalty to your company’s brand.

In fact, a customer experience statistic has shown 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. A study had also found that beyond 2020, customer experience will overtake product and price as the key brand differentiator. So how can you bring this experience to the eCommerce platform?

In this 50-minute workshop, get ready to equip yourself with effective ways to build extraordinary customer experience in an evolving digital world.

Key Features
aAdvantage Consulting Lunctime talk Gain critical insights to improve customer experience on eCommerce platforms


critical insights to build successful CX on eCommerce platforms

aAdvantage Consulting Lunchtime Talk Recognising Customers expectations


customer expectations in their service journey with you

aAdvantage Consulting Lunctime Talk Uncover the impact of omnichannel CX strategy


the impact of Omnichannel CX strategy

aAdvantage Consulting Lunchtime Talk Delivering Excellent customer service


excellent customer service by creating an Omnichannel experience

Turning Ordinary
Signs of Toxic Leadership
Signs of Toxic Leadership & Workplace Culture banner.png
Psychological Safety as a Foundation to Culture Building

What is Psychological Safety and what would you observe in organisations where there has a lack of it? The cost of a toxic culture can be crippling and can cause significant damage to your company’s reputation and limit organisation transformation efforts. In particular, the leadership team's way of working can create an environment that promotes or inhibits organisation and employee growth.

In a world that depends on a soaring pace of innovation and agility, workplace culture has never been more paramount to drive performance and employee fulfilment, and ultimately organisation outcomes. 

How do leadership teams enable psychological safety to create a high performing culture? What if the leaders themselves are exhibiting limiting / dysfunctional beliefs and behaviours?


Join us in this 50-minute workshop to cultivate high performing work culture and gain greater understanding of culture transformation's impact on organisation's outcomes.

Key Features
aAdvantage Consulting Lunctime Talk Understanding the core relations of a toxic culture and trust


the core relations of a toxic culture and trust

aAdvantage Consulting Reconnect on leadership role and organisational values


on your leadership role and organisational values

aAdvantage Consulting Lunchtime Talk Take stock of current journey and build compelling case for change


of your current journey and build compelling case for change

aAdvantage Consulting Lunchtime Talk Uncover best practices to turn around a toxic workplace culture


best practices to turn around a toxic culture at the workplace

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