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At the end of the day people won't remember what you say or do, they will remember how you make them feel.

- Maya Angelou

We believe the same when people talk about customer experience. How does one feel coming out of the service interactions with the various touch-points across the organisation?  Being happy is the end outcome; what positive emotions (e.g. Valued, Cared For, Assured, Indulged) correlate and best drive this outcome?


If you are not able to answer the questions above, your organisation probably has yet to define its Desired Customer Experience; without which, the current service levels provided will likely be at best, inconsistent.


Many of our client organisations have defined their Desired Customer Experience and in doing so, they are able to purposefully and consistently evoke the Desired Customer Experience, across all touch-points within the organisation. Everyone understands what it means to be successful in delivering service to the customers (emotional outcomes) and what they can do to drive the customer experience consistently, nuanced for the different roles and functions. This together with our established culture solutions drive sustainable change and customer loyalty for our clients. 


the Desired Customer Experience?


do you ensure that the desired customer experience is purposefully and consistently evoked?


you have a Culture that will inspire and enable staff to always do the right things for the Customers?

aAdvantage Consulting Domain expertise in Customer Experience and Culture Transformation
aAdvantage’s Domain Expertise in
Customer Experience & Culture Transformation
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Customer / Employee Research and Insights

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Customer Experience Framework Development

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Desired Customer Experience Engagement and Training

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Desired Customer Experience Articulation

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Customer Experience Strategy and Culture Building

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On-going Service Audits and Action Planning

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Service (e.g. Service Recovery, Service Analytics) and Human Capital

(e.g. Service Recognition, Service Competencies) Systems for Sustainable Change

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Culture and Leadership Development

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Customer Journey Mapping and Ideation

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Customer Experience Coaching, Leadership and Management Huddles

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Change Management

Our Impact, Our Transformation

Mahkota Medical Centre Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting

Stanley Lam

Chief Executive Officer

Mahkota Medical Centre

We would like to specially thank aAdvantage for their commendable efforts in crafting out and customising the Service Excellence (SE) training modules for us to instil in our staff, not just front­ liners, but everyone, that serving customers is centric to our hospital's objective and is everyone's mission.

We can confidently attest that aAdvantage's added value are not just designing, training and consulting but touching the hearts of our internal trainers and motivating them to do beyond their jobs. We are so glad that we have got the right strategic partner for this key initiative. You are classic and exemplary in creating Customer Service success story!

aAdvantage has truly etched an indelible mark in Mahkota Medical Centre and their contributions to our success on the customer experience journey initiative is remarkable to say the least. aAdvantage is definitely our preferred partner in the next key initiative.


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