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History of aAdvantage

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Company Foundation

aAdvantage was founded in late 2002 by a group of colleagues-turned-friends, with expertise in organisational development (OD) and a track record of facilitating change and business transformation in organisations. Our Leadership Team comprises of Jacqueline, Vincent and Chern Han – each possessing deep domain expertise in specialised subject matter. The collaborative synergy of the team allows aAdvantage to excel in executing its end-to-end transformation solutions across public, private & not-for-profit sector organisations.

aAdvantage Early Challenges.png

2003 - 2006

Early Challenges

Not long after our incorporation and landing a few key projects, we found ourselves in a challenging business environment – the 2003 SARS pandemic impacted aAdvantage’s projects, causing them to be slowed down or postponed.

Encouraged by earlier successes consulting clients such as Changi Airport, SingHealth, and MINDEF, we quickly got back on our feet. Coupled with a “can do” attitude, we continued to build our capabilities in service transformation consulting and service experience training, and in turn transformed ourselves from the new kid on the block into a firm with the ability to execute large-scale, complex transformation and research & insights projects.

aAdvantage Building Capabilities.png

2007 - 2010

Building Capabilities to Deliver End-to-End Transformation  

As our clients embark on their journey of organisation transformation, we are their preferred partner in navigating change and unknown together

As the business environment became increasingly challenging, organisations at the same time strove to be more customer and employee centric. As such, there was a need for enterprises to review their structure, processes, roles and culture.
As a result, we strengthened our capabilities in delivering our “end-to-end transformation solutions (Business, Human Capital, Customer Service)”, supported by deep seven domain expertise.

aAdvantage worked with leaders to drive successful customer experience transformations across sectors, particularly in the public, hospitality and healthcare sectors. We are proud to have worked with clients such as IRAS, Triumph International, Marina Bay Sands, Housing & Development Board, and Alexandra Hospital in support of their transformation journeys.

aAdvantage Launch of National Studies.png

2011 - 2012

Launch of National Studies on Employee Engagement and Culture 

In 2011, aAdvantage launched its first study to measure the level of employee engagement within the Singapore workforce. We developed our framework (Singapore Workforce Engagement Survey – SWES). Annually we survey about 2,000 employees across key industry sectors and track both the Employee Engagement Index as well as the employee Net Promoter Score.
In 2012, we launched our National Values Assessment (NVA) in partnership with the Barrett’s Values Center. In collaboration with the Institute of Policy Studies, LKY School of Public Policy, NUS, we released our first NVA on Singapore residents’ perspective of societal and workplace culture – a study which had since been repeated in 2015 and 2018.

aAdvantage Strengthening Human Capital.png

2013 - 2019

Strengthening Human Capital Capabilities of Local SMEs 

Leveraging on government support schemes like Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)

We observed that since 2012, there has been growing awareness of the need for investment in human capital to facilitate business growth and transformation.

During this time, we are grateful to have been part of a selected panel of consultants supporting SPRING Singapore (as it was then called) in its Innovation and Capability Voucher programme. Through this scheme, we helped over 80 Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) establish fundamental human capital practices, such as job grading systems, compensation and benefit structures, and employment regulation compliance.

aAdvantage Culture Transformation.png

2020 - Present

Culture Transformation - "Build Trust, Inspire Actions" 

Facilitation service and culture transformation

We enable clients to build trust amongst their stakeholders by developing sustainable systems and meaningful connections through human-centric beliefs and competencies. 

When people connect and align better, they are inspired – with new and better ways of thinking, resulting in desired behavioural changes, as well as actions to achieve sustainable results. 

Since 2020, aAdvantage has been continuing its trajectory of growth and adaptation, bolstering its capabilities and services to align with evolving client needs. We are proud to work with our clients in public services, healthcare and hospitality to transform their customer experience through culture development.

Currently, aAdvantage works with larger local enterprises to support their local and regional growth with the bolstering of their human capital capabilities, in areas such as talent management & development, performance management and culture development.  

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