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aAdvantage Consulting Entomo is a Modern Performance Management System

Modern Performance Management System

Built for the Future of Work

entomo Everyday Performance Platform

entomo drives enterprise performance by aligning goals and generating insights by connecting various data sources. The insights and action recommendations generated are hypersonalised to each user’s goals.

aAdvantage Consulting Introduction to entomo


Measure and drive performance, every day

  • Align organisation and people goals

  • Enable organisation and individual scorecards

  • OKR, KPIs, KRA – choose your model

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Drive engagement within and across teams

  • Pulse surveys and continuous feedback

  • Drive communication and collaboration within and across teams

  • Recognise and reward



Nudge with insights personalised to individual and team goals

  • Deliver automated insights and hyper-personalised nudges for everyone

  • Generate actionable insights and dashboards

  • Build unique machine Learning models

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Manage distributed and remote teams

  • Align programs/tasks to goals

  • Create, assign, manage and review tasks

  • Manage project, collective and individual priorities with ease

  • Generate actionable reports and set reminders



Build a tomorrow-ready workforce

  • AI-driven market intelligence on skills and skill gaps

  • Personalised career and learning recommendations

  • Internal mobility and succession planning

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Enterprise Tomorrow Conversation

Business Conference
Zurich Takaful Testimonial for entomo aAdvantage Consulting

Mukesh Dhawan


We're beating the market quarter on quarter. entomo has taken us to the next level of engagement with substantial increase in the number of active agents and revenue.

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Manulife Testimonial about entomo aAdvantage Consulting


Activation & Technical Mastery

entomo effectively helps us in seeing (Sales) district activities by providing updated production data during on-going discussions between leaders and agents. The CMP (Sales Process: Call, Meet, Present) makes it easy for us to monitor the Group's activities.

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Telekom Malaysia Testimonial about entomo aAdvantage Consulting

Nasri Mohamed

Ex. Vice President

entomo enabled a 31% productivity increase for our 7000 plus front-liners with cost reduction of 14%, placing TM in the top quartile of telcos globally.

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