Working with aAdvantage was a fabulous experience for all of us at foodpanda SG. From the very first meeting, we got the feeling of being in good hands. The whole team which comprised of Lilin and Marco led by Vincent was not only supportive but also extremely patient in explaining things to our teams and answering all questions we had as a result of being novices in the field of experience management. They were also very understanding and managed with our busy schedules in spite of the tight timelines we were working with. We have learned a lot from this partnership and will be using it in all our future decision making. We hope to work with Vincent and his team again and would definitely recommend them to the other companies out there. Whether your experience teams are at a foundational stage or advanced, you can certainly learn a lot from the aAdvantage approach and make the experience management, customer or employee experience, in your company even better!


Saniya Dhingra Agarwal

Head of Customer Experience

foodpanda Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Karen Chee  |  Vice President  |  HR & L&D

Team is experienced, professional, prompt and responsive. Able to provide advice when required. Jacqueline is experienced, professional, and patient. Always ready to share and listen, and provide sound advice on how to roll out our FWA initiative. She is fully committed to our project, and was with us from the initial discussions to the fruition of our company-wide implementation.

Selena Teh  |  Assistant Manager  |  HR & L&D

Our experience working with aAdvantage has been nothing but positive. They have been a good advisor and provided us the guidance we need to have a successful FWA implementation in MSIG. Jacqueline is our go-to person whenever we need advice on FWA. She never fails to provide her professional views and advise what's best for MSIG. They have been very efficient and supportive despite our tight project timeline, which we greatly appreciate.


Karen Chee

Vice President

HR & L&D


Selena Teh

Assistant Manager

HR & L&D


aAdvantage understands our needs and requirements and rolls out the employee survey in a "no-frills" manner. The consultants are also prompt in their responses.


Joey Leau

Senior Manager

HR & Training

National Service Resort & Country Club

A professional and committed team that understands the nature of our business, our requirements as well as the constraints that we face. They have been most understanding and responsive, and it has been a pleasure working with them for the past year.

Calm and composed, nothing seems to faze Li-Lin and we are always assured by her presence and the manner in which she fronts presentations and manages questions from the audience, including those very challenging ones.

Jodi was most responsive and prompt during the period when we had to liaise with her extensively on the revisions for the Final Report. She was diligent in following up and got back to us quickly with all the data that was required. She was a great help indeed.

Friendly and super nice, Kee Siang demonstrated understanding and empathy when he helped us manage a series of communication sessions to communicate the mystery audit findings. Due to operational challenges, numerous changes had to be made to the dates. Kee Siang saw to all the changes and made it hassle free for us.

SAFRA Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Mystery Audit

Celine Ng


Customer Experience & Innovation



Mystery Audit

During the course of my work, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of vendors and consultants, and aAdvantage is one of those who truly took the time and effort to understand our issues and needs. Their interest shows in the quality of work they produced for us. In addition to their good time and project management, I particularly like their down to earth approach - some consultants tend to steer towards form over substance, aAdvantage manages to balance and do both equally well.

Vincent is very experienced and provided valuable advice to us in our project. We always welcome his insights and perspectives.

Joan is a lovely person and a joy to work with! She is prompt, dependable and helpful. Most importantly, Joan listens and makes efforts to understand and support our needs.

Alexandra Hospital Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Service and Culture Transformation

Lisa Ang

Senior Assistant Director

Office of Patient Experience

Alexandra Hospital


Service & Culture Transformation

Hitachi Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd has engaged Vincent Ho and aAdvantage in November 2018 to facilitate our leadership retreat which was aiming to formulate and align our multi-year regional plans for growth. Despite the short notice to facilitate, Vincent and his team stepped up to the challenge and exhibited a high degree of commitment and professionalism, right from the first contact.


Prior to the retreat itself, they customized the content to align with our target markets and audience, reviewed the contents with stakeholders and designed the regular communication with field leaders. Their commitment to the details went even to the extent of designing the venue and every aspect of the retreat and was quite exemplary.


The retreat was facilitated with a good mix of opportunities for the individuals and the teams to listen, reflect and act. The bonding activities were fun and yet formal as they were designed in alignment with our objective for the retreat.


Both Vincent and his assistant Qing Ying were always in tune with our business related discussions. They facilitated our conversations effectively and were constantly trying to find alignment across countries and cultures. The participants were initially unsure of how the sessions would progress. Soon after Vincent took the stage, they were quick to engage and interact. In the end, all the participants including the executive sponsors were more than satisfied with the retreat, the time and money spent and the outcome.


The post-retreat summary and further follow up by Vincent have been professional and well targeted to support our growth. Vincent’s analysis of our current situation and suggested recommendations with a roadmap for managing the change were very useful.


We are very glad to sense a trustable partnership approach from Vincent and aAdvantage. We are confident that aAdvantage will play an important role as we execute our multi-year plan for our continued success.

Hitachi Solutions Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Strategy Facilitation and Change Management

Srinivasan Venkattappan (KG),

Senior Vice President

Corporate Planning

HITACHI Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd


Strategy Facilitation & Change Management

Looking back, in mid-2018, we were searching for a strategic partner to improve our customer experience journey through our hospital. We have the privilege and good fortune then to meet up with Vincent and the aAdvantage Team to explore their services. In a few fleeting moments, we are now in our second phase of critically looking into our operations and processes to align with our desired customers' experience journey.

We would like to specially thank aAdvantage for their commendable efforts in crafting out and customising the Service Excellence (SE) training modules for us to instil in our staff, not just front­ liners, but everyone, that serving customers is centric to our hospital's objective and is everyone's mission. We would like to specifically mention that the Train-The-Trainer session by aAdvantage for this module was an invigorating and humbling experience. Our internal facilitators were not only trained on basic facilitation skills but were engaged on self-reflection and "self-searching" dialogue to align their personal values to our organisation's core values. It proved to be vital to the success on the paradigm shift of our staff pertaining to customer service. The alignment dialogue had ignited the "fire" of our internal facilitators as they went on to passionately deliver the Excellence Customer Service stories to our staff in record times, and through weekends. We can confidently attest that aAdvantage's added value are not just designing, training and consulting but touching the hearts of our internal trainers and motivating them to do beyond their jobs. We are so glad that we have got the right strategic partner for this key initiative. You are classic and exemplary in creating Customer Service success story!

The "Management Huddle" session at the end of our consulting period was another high point in our engagement with aAdvantage. We were proud to present the improvement made in our internal customer and external customer's experience journey. Our Corporate leaders were overwhelmingly pleased to see the distinguished results we have achieved in this 1-year consulting period. aAdvantage has truly etched an indelible mark in Mahkota Medical Centre and their contributions to our success on the customer experience journey initiative is remarkable to say the least. aAdvantage is definitely our preferred partner in the next key initiative.

Mahkota Medical Centre Tesimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Service and Culture Transformation

Kek Chen Chen, Chairman, SE Working Committee

Kenneth Tan, HR Director

Stanley Lam, Chief Executive Officer


Service & Culture Transformation

Jacqueline & her team worked well with us to achieve the project deliverables & meeting the project timeline. She would lead the discussion with the senior management team to achieve alignment on various key decisions related to the scope of the work. In the course of her engagement with us, she provided timely & clear explanations for recommendations & carried out her duties professionally, with integrity & objectivity.

Having worked with Jacqueline & her team of professionals on this HR project, I must say they deliver beyond our expectations, in terms of the project deliverables & also the way they organised their work, the level of dedication, commitment & integrity shown by Jacqueline & that of her team members.

I would definitely recommend aAdvantage Consulting to companies who would want to engage their services.

Chye Thiam Maintenance Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting HR Transformation

Franky Yung

Deputy Director

Human Resource & Administration

Chye Thiam Maintenance


HR Transformation

Jacqueline worked with me and my team to engage the Board, CEO and our senior management team to gather buy-in into the developed HR policies and Competencies Frameworks to enable a more structured approach to people development in the organisation. Jacqueline and her team worked well with us to achieve the project deliverables. Often, we would discuss the challenges and decide on the best approach to address them at various project milestones. She would lead the discussion with the senior management team to achieve alignment on various key decisions.


Jacqueline is a founder and Director of aAdvantage  Consulting, which is among a recommended list of consultants by Enterprise Singapore to work with SMEs to strengthen HR capabilities. She is a highly-experienced HR consultant who has carried out several HR capabilities projects for SMEs.

Goodrich Global Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting HR Transformation

Wong Wai Meng


Capability Development & Human Resource

Goodrich Global Pte Ltd


HR Transformation

Mr Yeow Chern Han from aAdvantage Consulting Group Pte Ltd Facilitated “Living the Mitsui Chemical Core Value – Train-the-Trainer” Program for our companies in Singapore in January and July 2014.

Chern Han unassuming approach and excellent facilitation skills had helped to build up rapport and trust among the workshop participants quickly within two days, which led to a very successful program. The program objectives were fully met and beyond our expectations.


During the program design phase, Chern Han has demonstrated his excellent skills in conceptualizing and shaping the program outline with minimum information. Throughout the program, Chern Han had proven himself to be a professional and pragmatic consultant with the right blend of sophistication to help the company in branding and making the Core Value live. Chern Han has the ability to connect very well with people at all levels. He has indeed made a positive impact.

Well done and keep up the excellent work in our next phase of “Value in Action @Mitsui Chemicals” which will be conducted in the next few months.

Mitsui Chemicals Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Values Cascading

Wendy Soh

General Manager

Human Resources

Mitsui Chemicals


Values Cascading

I’ve worked with Chern Han and his team for the past 10 years across a multitude of business and team contexts, such as start-ups, turnarounds and business growth acceleration. This partnership with aAdvantage has also spanned across both consumer goods and medical devices, as well as, Asia Pacific.

The ability by Chern Han and his team to quickly diagnose and appreciate the different businesses and go-to-market models are phenomenal. Their customized solutions as a result were often on point and highly appreciated. In each situation, Chern Han and his team were able to quickly understand our needs and map out necessary programs that will allow us to rejuvenate our teams. During the sessions, aAdvantage team was often agile in making the necessary adjustments as they assess the responses from our team members of diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

It is almost expected that our teams would have our passion re-ignited after these sessions. The impact on the business and teams was often long-lasting, with many fond memories and common languages created to sustain our energy and creativity to face the challenges ahead. It is therefore not surprising that I continue to trust Chern Han and his team as a reliable partner throughout these years. 

Invisalign Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Strategic Planning Facilitation

Casline Chu

Managing Director

South Asia & Doctor-Directed Consumer Channel

Invisalign Singapore Pte Ltd


Strategic Planning Facilitation

Since 2013, we have worked with Vincent and his team at aAdvantage on the review of HDB’s culture/values and development of Values-Driven Change Management Programmes for our appointment holders.


We have found Vincent’s team to be highly proficient, pro-active, responsive and accommodating. They have actively sought to understand the organisation’s needs and challenges, and constantly built on their past experiences to value-add to our programmes. They have designed and delivered well-thought out and engaging programmes that have fully met our programme objectives and garnered positive feedback from our stakeholders and participants.


Vincent has been able to quickly gain a good grasp of our organisation’s background and culture, enabling him to engage more effectively with our stakeholders and provide a much more tailored programme to meet our needs. He has always been open and willing to offer his astute insights and ideas to guide us.


As the lead facilitator, Vincent has been very professional and skilful in managing difficult conversations and eliciting deeper insights with our stakeholders. With his approachable demeanour, he is able to connect well with the participants and nurture an environment of trust and openness that enables even the quietest participants to be more forthcoming.

Housing & Development Board Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Service & Culture Transformation

Angeline Ong

Deputy Director (Corporate Planning)

Corporate Development Group

Housing & Development Board (HDB)


Service & Culture Transformation

I had the opportunity to work and partner with Vincent Ho from aAdvantage Consulting in 2019, as part of a broader cultural change initiative within SGX.

We were embarking on a mission to transform our business into a more responsive and innovative organization and we began by doing a review of our leadership values and behaviours that is needed to guide us through the transition.

Vincent partnered with us to lead and conduct the leadership values assessment debrief sessions and follow-up workshops for our senior leaders, providing a much-needed platform and forum for self-review and constructive dialogue. He helped the leaders to gain greater awareness of their own individual and leadership team values and philosophy, with the outcome of co-creating a common vision and goal for the future of the organization. The value that Vincent brought to the whole process was his ability to facilitate a healthy discussion amongst our senior leaders and to help them synthesize their differing viewpoints into a coherent strategy and approach. 

Generally, the feedback from the various senior leaders was that they all felt that there was tremendous value in the process and the dialogue sessions were the catalyst to helping leadership the team identify and focus our organization towards a new way of thinking and behaviors, that would be supportive of the growth ambition of the organization.

Singapore Exchange Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Culture Development

John Augustine Ong
Head of Learning & Development

Human Resource
Singapore Exchange


Culture Development

We are extremely glad to have invited Mr Yeow Chern Han to present on the topic of “Building a Culture of Service Excellence” at our SQI/CAQ Service Quality Excellence Workshop held on 19-22 Dec 2016.

The workshop involved the participation of a 12-member delegate from Beijing China, led by the Deputy Secretary General of the China Association for Quality. Chern Han and his team had enthused and impressed every participant at the workshop. His presentation and delivery was simply eloquent. He spoke in fluent Mandarin to conduct the entire presentation with the support from his well-designed materials. All participants had complimented him for his dynamic and energetic delivery style.

Learning points were well conveyed through group games and activities. The participants were even fully engaged with Chern Han during the short tea break session. There were never a dull moment during the entire presentation. Our workshop was a complete success and we acknowledged that Chern Han had played a significant role in contributing to the success.

It was indeed a privilege to have Chern Han and his team to be part of our Service Quality Excellent workshop. I would unreservedly recommend Chern Han’s expertise to any organization in need of an effective and professional subject matter expert.

Singapore Quality Institute Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Service Excellence

Tan Gheng Een


Singapore Quality Institute


Service Excellence

We have worked with aAdvantage Consulting Pte Ltd for our transformation and change management projects since 2015. Vincent Ho was first engaged to facilitate the management retreat when we have our CEO onboard in 2015. The company was going through transformation then. The management retreat was to review and realign the company's direction. We would say Vincent has done a fantastic job. He was able to guide the management team in every process. He asked very good prompting questions, to set the management team thinking of some key points in their discussions. He also ensured that the team discussed within the context constantly.

Besides the Management Retreat, Vincent has also assisted us in developing our Vision, Mission and Core Value statements. He was also invited to facilitate our Townhall meeting that was for all employees. As expected, Vincent has once again done a good job in facilitating both sessions independently.

Vincent has been professional, approachable and accommodating in his interaction with Thome. He is very quick in grasping the challenges, culture and operations of Thome and thus able to value add to every discussion that contributed to a good outcome. He is very open with his views and he always put across his views gently but firm at times when needed and we would say it was well-received by his audience at every level. He connects well with his audience and enable them to be forthcoming in sharing. Vincent has proven to be a professional and experienced facilitator.

aAdvantage has supported Thome well with their professionalism and we will definitely work with them again.

Thome Ship Management Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Human Capital & Culture Transformation

Olav M Nortun

Group Chief Executive Officer
Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd


Human Capital & Culture Transformation

We engaged Vincent in Nov 2018, to run a Culture Value Assessment to develop our Pavilion Energy Values. Since then Vincent has facilitated 3 away day workshops over the past 14 months for the management committee, comprising of the senior leadership team of Pavilion Energy.


Through the workshops, Vincent has helped us to develop our Core Values and was very professional and diplomatic in facilitating the dialogues. He was also extremely observant and flexible in adapting to our needs, agile and able to keep the team energetic and focused on what we want to achieve. His responsiveness to our needs and ability to steer the team towards fruitful dialogues, have helped the team to realize our leadership potential to work better as a team and as an individual leader to be more aware of ourselves, and our role in our own capacity as a member of the management committee. It was great to work with Vincent and Rae. We had fun and enjoyed the workshops. 

Pavilion Energy Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Culture Development

Janice Loh
Group Head of Human Resources
Pavilion Energy


Culture Development

We are delighted with our cooperation with aAdvantage Consulting. Mr Vincent Ho has professionally lead and facilitated our strategic discussion session, successfully managing the different interests and priorities of representatives of accountancy bodies from all ten ASEAN countries. What comes out of the strategic session was a comprehensive strategic map highlighting key successful outcomes and the necessary strategic thrusts to achieve the outcomes.


We are pleased with Mr. Ho's ability to manoeuvre through the different point of views, focusing on key aspects of what build strong and focused strategies. He was approachable and able to understand all the necessary background information about our profession, needed to effectively facilitated the discussion.

ASEAN Federation of Accountants Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Strategic Planning Facilitation

Aucky Pratama

Executive Director

ASEAN Federation of Accountants


Strategic Planning Facilitation

Jacqueline demonstrated sincere empathy and sensitive understanding of our evolving circumstances and team dynamics. She and her team worked patiently with us to explore various approaches in addressing our team members’ wide-ranging concerns, and developed flexible customised solutions that would better prepare us for an uncertain future.

Jacqueline continues to stay in close contact with us after aAdvantage’s conclusion of our project, and tirelessly provides valuable advice to help us in our implementation of new HR policies. My team and I have grown accustomed to seeking her guidance as our HR subject matter expert, and will consult her whenever we review and evaluate our HR management philosophies.


I would highly recommend Jacqueline to any organisation who takes a holistic view in the alignment of their human capital development with their evolving business needs.

Wah Son Engineering Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Human Capital Transformation

Lim Hee Joo

Executive Director

Wah Son Engineering Pte Ltd


Human Capital Transformation

Jacqueline is able to present her recommendations in a clear and concise manner and we concur to her recommendations since we have high regard for her professional knowledge and competencies. For example, Jacqueline has convinced us to revamp our Performance Management system from KPls­ only approach to measurement of Core Competencies in order to develop our staff fully both in terms of quantitative and qualitative performance. The development of the Compensation & Benefits Policy document has also helped the company to have a clear communication on the benefits available to all staff. This has helped greatly during recruitment and retention of the company.


We highly recommend other organisations to engage Jacqueline for their HR project needs. Her ability to organise and understand each individual company's strength and weakness and applies them to practicable HR policies will be an asset to any company's HR revamp.

Oriel Business Consultants Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Human Capital Transformation

Serin Tan


Oriel Business Consultants Pte Ltd


Human Capital Transformation

I am pleased to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at aAdvantage Consulting Group Pte Ltd for your outstanding service to us at Singapore Cruise Centre. Your personal commitment in ensuring prompt response to our people and management needs is highly commendable and greatly appreciated. Your enthusiasm, dedication and patience in understanding and providing timely and efficient advice and solutions made our Employee Engagement Programme, which included the employee engagement survey, focus group unpacking sessions, management huddle to realign our leadership team and survey action planning, hugely successful.


We appreciate it very much that you listened closely to what our people and management challenges were, and presented us with sound and practical suggestions and advice to address these challenges, many of them highly sensitive and delicate. Your facilitation and intervention skills were exceptional, and we found you to be profoundly professional and proactive. This sets you apart from others in the industry.


Since working with us in 2015, you have become a trusted Human Resource partner to Singapore Cruise Centre. We, at Singapore Cruise Centre, are very satisfied and happy to be your client. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to any company looking for a competent and highly professional HR partner who is able to provide sound and practical advice and solutions, especially those that involve the leadership team, and for highly sensitive and delicate issues.


Thank you, again, Vincent, to you and your team for your outstanding service to us.

Singapore Cruise Centre Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Culture Development

Laureen Lee (Ms)

HR Consultant

Singapore Cruise Centre Pte Ltd


Culture Development

We have engaged Vincent and his team recently to focus on how we as senior management could band together to drive new corporate values and culture change in our organisation. Vincent engaged me before and during the workshop to ensure that the outcomes are aligned and met. Through his 1-1 interviews with my management team members, he facilitated frank and “brutal” verbatims that really made us realise the issues on hand. These, together with the online survey previously conducted, were a true calling for us to reflect the highs and lows of our leadership team journey, that would eventually bind us together. He was able to lead the team and energise them to be very engaged in providing feedback, comments and even come to terms with some old behaviours that need to be changed.


At the end of the workshop, Vincent led us to a consensus and for the very first time, agree on common goals and a workable plan to ensure the embracing of new corporate values on a sustainable basis. I am very glad that Vincent was able to help us achieve this goal and certainly look forward to continue working with him to ensure that we are on the right track.

Times Publishing Limited Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Leadership Team Development

Siew Peng Yim


Times Publishing Limited


Leadership Team Development

The NYP Executive Management (EMM) Retreat was very well organised with engaging discussion sessions and lively and meaningful team bonding activities.


On the whole, all of our participants agreed or strongly agreed that they were satisfied with the Retreat and that the Retreat objectives were met. This would not have been possible without our facilitators’ dedication and attention to details right from pre-Retreat planning and discussions, during the Retreat itself and post-Retreat report and presentation.


Both Mr Vincent Ho and Mr Kitson Lee, from aAdvantage Consulting, did a fantastic job to facilitate the Retreat in a very effective way and they were able to value add to the discussion and conversation. They were energetic and dynamic and their excellent facilitation skills had helped to build good rapport amongst participants to have an open conversation.


The Cultural Values Assessment (CVA) had also provided very useful insights for our Management.

Nanyang Polytechnic Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Strategic Planning Facilitation

Daniel Liu

Deputy Director

Quality & Planning

Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)


Strategic Planning Facilitation

We engaged aAdvantage after we came to know of them from the list of recommended consultants provided by SPRING Singapore. We selected some of the consultants in the list to submit their proposals to us. The choice was clear and we shortlisted aAdvantage.


aAdvantage took great efforts to understand our needs and to customise a package to suit our requirements and budget. Their professionalism and understanding naturally continued into the project and our team (both at HQ and at our outlets) enjoy working together with them.


aAdvantage takes a very balanced and real approach to the problems and issues. Inputs and advice are always grounded with the realities of the business and operational constraints. Challenges and problems which they uncovered are objectively presented back to us with a commitment to and delivery of workable and realisable solutions. They are very mindful of the present and future expectations and needs of all stakeholders in the project. This mindfulness coupled with their professional knowledge and experience, cumulates into trust, commitment and reassurance for us.


We look forward to working with aAdvantage on our present ongoing project and future projects to come.

Acumed Medical Group Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Service Transformation

Jeffrey Yam

Managing Director
AcuMed Group of Companies


Service Transformation

I have known Chern Han during 2018, the day Singapore Business Federation (SBF) collaborated with aAdvantage Consulting on SBF’s Shared Values Project, Shared Values Cascading Workshop and Performance Appraisal Project.


Chern Han had distinguished himself in every way owing to his exceptional insight into managing his professional related functions, and always come out on top even when the going was at its toughest.

Chern Han has helped bridge the gap between business and people during difficult times in his role as a professional consultant by leading the Shared Values Project, Shared Values Cascading Workshop and Performance Appraisal Project. This has helped to stabilize the internal workforce, improve the staff understanding on the projects and improved business outcome.

Chern Han’s high calibre of character and extensive experience in the consultant’s arena set himself well above others. I confidently recommend his expertise to any organization and knowing his potential employer will benefit so much from his repertoire of his professional expertise.

Singapore Business Federation Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Strategic Planning Facilitation

Esther Chen

Assistant Manager

Human Resources
Singapore Business Federation


Strategic Planning Facilitation

Mr. Yeow Chern Han, Director of aAdvantage Consulting Group Pte Ltd, facilitated the "Knorr-Bremse Leading People Training" for all the 2nd level managers of IFE-VICTALL Qingdao on May 19th and 20th, 2015.

With his rich experience, insightful opinions and excellent facilitation skill, Mr Han stirred up positive chemical reactions in establishing a trust among the trainees within a short time and facilitated successfully a leadership knowledge delivery, participants' self-reflection and practice on leadership behaviours within the 2 days' training. Finally the training objectives were fully met and even exceeded our expectations.

The participants also think highly of the training. They said:

  • The training helped me understand and experience the essence of the leadership, which inspire me to lead my team to go through the challenges ahead;

  • Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Now we get to know better about ourselves and our colleagues, which definitely will improve the cooperation cross functions;

  • Han is really experienced and he successfully guided us going through the leadership journey and having insight into the true meaning of leadership;

Throughout the training, Mr Han has proven himself to be a professional and experienced facilitator. I would like to extend sincere thanks to Mr Han for his great job at IFE-VICTALL Qingdao.

IFE Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Leadership Team Development

Patrick Rosay

Managing Director

IFE-VICTALL Railway Vehicle Door Systems (Qingdao) Co., Ltd


Leadership Team Development

Vincent has been professional, approachable and accommodating in his various interactions with HDB. He is able to have a quick and good grasp of HDB's culture and operations and provide his value-add given such knowledge. He is also willing to share his past experiences in other projects and give views/advice to us. With his warm approachable demeanour, we find that he is able to connect well with his audience (e.g. focus group discussion participants) and to enable them to be forthcoming in sharing. Vincent has also proven to be a professional and experienced facilitator who can facilitate generative conversations.

Housing & Development Board Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Service & Culture Transformation

Yap Te Chieh (Ms)

Deputy Director (Business & Service Excellence)

Organisational Excellence Department, Corporate Development Group

Housing and Development Board (HDB)


Service & Culture Transformation

Mr Yeow Chern Han from aAdvantage Consulting Group facilitated the “High Performance Team Development Workshop” for one of our departments in November 2013.

Chern Han’s unassuming approach and excellent facilitation skills had helped to build up rapport and trust among the workshop participants quickly within the two days, which led to a very successful workshop. The workshop objectives were fully met and exceeded our expectations.

Below are some excerpts of the feedback from the participants:

During this 2-day workshop, we learn to collaborate as a team.

  • Help us clarify our roles and responsibilities, encourage us to be more open and vocal.

  • A lot of engaging moments with various team members to brainstorm ideas and solutions.

  • Han is a fantastic facilitator! We don’t feel bored at all! Very engaging! We’ve lots and fun and laughter together! We need more of this!

Throughout the workshop, Chern Han had proven himself to be a professional and pragmatic consultant with the right blend of sophistication to help the management team identify key issues as well as have the ability to connect very well with the staff at the operational level. Chern Han has indeed made a positive impact. Great job and keep up the excellent work!

INSEAD Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Team Development

Sharon Chua


Human Resources

INSEAD Asia Campus


Team Development

“Our love at first sight” started when Mr Yeow Chern Han representing aAdvantage presented his proposals. It was not just the proposals that met our needs but he was interested to find out more from us on what we need. He was the only one who said that “if we are selected, we want to engage your employees to find more so that we can customised the programme to meet your needs better.” This for me was worth the job: WE MUST ALWAYS FIRST LISTEN TO WHAT OUR CLIENTS’ NEED.

Chern Han and his team impressed every participants when they conducted 2 workshops: A one-day session for my senior team and a two-day session for our District Heads and Executive Principals. His delivery style was dynamic and energetic. Yet it was not imposing and not the “I know best” approach. Ironically it was relaxing and refreshing. The fun element was aplenty. Learning points were conveyed through games and activities.

A true professional, Chern Han had to manage quite a diverse group of participants, common only that they are Early Childhood educators but different views and personalities. He managed these “conflicts” on numerous occasions with ease and patience. He always has the knack to eventually draw everyone to a consensus.

It was indeed our privilege to have Chern Han and his team to be part of our transformation process. Thank you.

PAP Community Foundation Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Strategic Planning Facilitation

Victor Bay


PAP Community Foundation


Strategic Planning Facilitation

Vincent is very knowledgeable and experienced in this subject matter. The synergy between Vincent and Jason has made it very easy for us, the client, to work with them. Felt that the project (where aAdvantage is involved) went very well. Jason is superb in catching all the key and salient points made throughout the project discussions and retreat, for which I personally is very grateful for the works. The project team has done well in providing advice on the contents, sharing of knowledge with us, meeting the project timeline, understanding our context and needs.

Singapore Labour Foundation Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Leadership Team Facilitation

Sonia, Assistant Director

Human Resource
Singapore Labour Foundation (SLF)


Leadership Team Facilitation

They had to work within a short timeframe and were able to deliver. It was evident that they took the effort to understand the client's environment before commencing work. They were patient, respectful, discrete and responsible.

Supreme Court Singapore Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Strategy Development & Change Management

Juthika Ramanathan

Supreme Court


Strategy Development & Change Management

The consultants work with a sense of urgency and provide balanced solutions. They are also willing to step up and take the role of mediator between the HR committee and any individual staff that needs counselling. Personable and being able to balance the needs of the employer as well as that of the employees by providing a balanced approach.

Luzerne Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Human Capital Transformation

Elaine Lek


Global Brand Team & Corporate Development

Luzerne Pte Ltd


Human Capital Transformation

Yokogawa engaged aAdvantage Consulting beginning 2014 to help us in aligning the regional countries to our business initiatives for sustainable growth. With the help of the two committed consultants, Han and Chin San, we were able to engender a good buy-in and support from the key stakeholders. The various leadership workshops and planning meetings were well designed, conducted and delivered. The facilitation skills of Chern Han and Chin San helped us navigate through difficult conversations and decisions. Various stakeholders feedback that the change interventions were timely and effective as it developed higher level of trust amongst them; an imperative to the success of the initiative. I would highly recommend aAdvantage services to any organisation to support the leadership team in the change management process.

Yokogawa Engineering Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Change Management

Sng Hee Meng

Executive Vice President
Yokogawa Engineering Asia Pte Ltd


Change Management

Jacqueline's expertise and knowledge made the project run smoothly. She provided timely and relevant information that enhanced the firm's performance management system. She carried out the project professionally and provided good recommendations for the change that we will make. The firm engaged Jacqueline and her team to make improvements in our performance appraisal system. The project helped us to identify three important components which are significant in rewarding staff performance and giving annual increments. The staff are happier and motivated because of the clearly defined performance indicators and competencies per function per level. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the project headed by Jacqueline. We will definitely engage her again in the future.

Helmi Talib & Co Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Human Capital Transformation

Helmi Talib

Managing Partner
Helmi Talib & Co


Human Capital Transformation

I first worked with aAdvantage when I was in the public sector. They introduced an organisational climate survey that measured elements of total work experience impacting employee satisfaction. As a leader, I found the tool useful in addressing management gaps and my experience with aAdvantage was positive. They were knowledgeable and proactive, in particular I appreciated that they went beyond presenting survey analytics to providing practical HR solutions. I next worked with aAdvantage in the NGO sector. I sought aAdvantage's help to build the right culture in my organisation to complement our business strategy. aAdvantage worked well with my leaders and was instrumental in helping us overcome significant challenges to shape a supportive work environment. I also used them to facilitate strategic conversations for organisational transformation. Vincent is skillful in navigating difficult conversations and I have appreciated his useful insights and advice, in drawing from his wide experience and suggesting relevant best practices for our stage of development. His team has also demonstrated flexibility and responsiveness in working with us. If you seek help in organisational transformation, I recommend you consider harnessing aAdvantage's expertise.

Singapore International Foundation Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting Culture Transformation

Jean Tan

Executive Director
Singapore International Foundation (SIF)


Culture Transformation

Jacqueline demonstrated her expert knowledge in HR policies and design of Performance Management Systems in her work with us. She and her team carried out the project professionally and provided advice and recommendations in the implementation of the policies and systems.