Research & Insights

More than Just Numbers, it’s Turning Reliable Data into Knowledge

Our Research & Insights solution is more than just data gathering. We call it the art of “turning data into knowledge".
We believe that good research and measurement design can draw out insights that can hinder and/or accelerate
your transformation.

Our solution enables you to build your transformation strategy on actionable data and insights. A data-driven strategy enables you to make a stronger case to your stakeholders for buy-in. Measure your progress against our baseline data
so you can celebrate quick wins to re-energise the initiative and ramp up efforts where progress is lacking.

We turn Quality Data into Actionable Insights

Quality data to use means that we utilise the most appropriate tools to gather the most accurate data. Our approach takes clients through a systematic and customised process to enable this. Our extensive experience in organisational development enables us to provide actional recommendations.

aAdvantage's Research Approach


Understand the Business Needs & Objectives
  • Understanding client’s business needs through interviews and document reviews.

  • Define target audience, objectives and goals.

Confirm Methodologies & Research Instruments
  • Define the most appropriate survey methodology (survey, in-depth interviews, focus group discussions, audits, observations, facilitated large group dialogue).

  • Design customised questionnaire and discussion outline.


Gather Information
from Stakeholders
and Other Sources
  • Implement and gather data through various modes such as online, telephone, mail-in, face-to-face interviews, focus group discussions, mystery audits and secondary sources.


Analyse Information, Provide Insights and Recommendations
  • Review and conduct quality checks on data.

  • Analyse quality data and communicate data, patterns and insights to senior management and stakeholders.



  • Facilitate planning sessions with senior management and stakeholders to align on actions for improvement.

Facilitate Action Planning
Our Research & Insights Services

Our Research & Insights practice support our end-to-end transformation solutions. We partner clients to conduct studies to track customer and people metrics to enable organisations to trend and benchmark their data. We also design and conduct bespoke studies on topics related to organisation effectiveness to enable policy review and improvements.

Our Impact, Our Transformation

Srinivasan Venkattapan (KG)

Senior Vice President - Corporate Planning

HITACHI Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Despite the short notice to facilitate, Vincent and his team stepped up to the challenge and exhibited a high degree of commitment and professionalism, right from the first contact. Prior to the retreat itself, they customized the content to align with our target markets and audience, reviewed the contents with stakeholders and designed the regular communication with field leaders. Their commitment to the details went even to the extent of designing the venue and every aspect of the retreat and was quite exemplary. The retreat was facilitated with a good mix of opportunities for the individuals and the teams to listen, reflect and act.

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