Human Capital &

Culture Transformation

Great Leaders understand the importance of engaging their workforce to ensure that every staff understand the goals of the organisation, work together to implement the articulated strategy and achieve the desired results at the individual and team levels.


Some leaders choose to “buy” talent, some choose to “build” talent. In a dynamic and changing business landscape whereby skills and knowledge are critical in enabling the organisation to be competitive and be future-ready, Leaders must do both. There are times when Leaders have to make tough decisions to “bounce” talent when they no longer positively contribute or worse, when they inhibit growth of the organisation.

Great Leaders and organisations establish the right human capital systems and processes to attract and retain the right talent in the most effective ways, with the help of data science to facilitate decision-making.

- Dave Ulrich, Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, HR Guru

Business Leaders have to make sure that where they say they are going actually happens.
HR professionals help turn aspirations into actions by focusing on three things: talent, culture and leadership.


do we attract high potential staff who can succeed in their roles?


do we create the desired employee experience that sets us apart and attracts our targeted talents?


do we create a sustainable culture that motivates staff to achieve their highest potential?


do we identify and groom our talents?

aAdvantage’s Domain Expertise in
Human Capital & Cultural Transformation

Employee Engagement Measurement and Benchmarking

Employee Value Proposition, Employee Experience Design

Mission, Vision and
Values Development

HR Strategy Development and Planning

Culture Assessment, Design and Implementation

Change Management

Human Capital Development – Competency Development, Learning & Development, Talent Audit, Succession Planning

Human Capital Management – Recruitment & Selection, Compensation & Benefits, Performance Management

360 degree Leadership Assessment & Development, Executive Coaching

Facilitated Leadership Team Coaching and Alignment, including Leadership Team Profiling and Assessments

Organisational Capabilities Development – Organisation Design, Job Redesign

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A 1-Minute Survey That Will Transform Your Organisation

Is your organisation ready to face the business challenges of today?

Are your human capital practices meeting the aspirations of your employees? 

Do your current HR policies and practices motivate or discourage staff to produce their best work?

Our Impact, Our Transformation

Srinivasan Venkattapan (KG)

Senior Vice President - Corporate Planning

HITACHI Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Despite the short notice to facilitate, Vincent and his team stepped up to the challenge and exhibited a high degree of commitment and professionalism, right from the first contact. Prior to the retreat itself, they customized the content to align with our target markets and audience, reviewed the contents with stakeholders and designed the regular communication with field leaders. Their commitment to the details went even to the extent of designing the venue and every aspect of the retreat and was quite exemplary. The retreat was facilitated with a good mix of opportunities for the individuals and the teams to listen, reflect and act.

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