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aAdvantage Consulting Group and PKF-CAP announce the formation of a Joint Venture, PKF-AADVANTAGE CONSULTING PTE. LTD. This will bring forth the joint capabilities of both firms to meet the current and emerging needs of its clients.

Through this Joint Venture, aAdvantage Consulting and PKF-CAP aim to offer integrated and seamless offerings for their clients that are undergoing business transformations.

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PKF-CAP is a member firm of the PKF International Limited (PKFI) network of legally independent firms. The PKFI network has over 245 member firms and correspondents in 440 locations in around 125 countries providing accounting and business advisory. PKF-CAP provides services in the areas of assurance, taxation, advisory, business solutions, and technology solutions. The company’s vision is to form a personal relationships with clients, so that PKF-CAP will be able to provide the services that their clients need, in the manner most effective for the client’s situation.

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About aAdvantage Consulting Group


Founded in end 2002, aAdvantage Consulting provides a full range of culture transformation solutions, ranging from business and culture transformation, to customer experience and culture transformation. aAdvantage Consulting focus on projects related to customer, employee and culture, and its impact on business transformation. The company’s mission is to partner clients in organisation growth through culture transformation. aAdvantage Consulting have partnered over 400 clients in their transformation journey, won over 700 projects, and achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 4.5/5.0. It has attained numerous accolades, such as the Tripartite Alliance Award for Work-Life Execellence and Fair & Progressive Practices, as well as multiple Tripartite Standards awards.

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Customer Experience, Human Capital & Finance Transformation

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Business & Strategy Facilitation

Whether the context is organisational change, resolving team issues, or strategy review, we provide skilled facilitators who can enable safe, open conversations and productive outcome for all. We are purposeful in design and use a broad range of interactive methods, tools and activities to make your meeting/retreat/conference truly candid and engaging.

The Different Themes of Retreat/Meeting We are Called to Facilitate:

  • Strategic Planning and Articulation

  • Culture Transformation

  • Leadership Team Alignment

  • Team Development or Staff Engagement

  • Customer Experience

  • Citizen Engagement

  • Operations & Technology Road-mapping

Business & Strategy Facilitation

Our Culture Diagnostics & Audits solution is more than just data gathering. We call it the art of “turning data into impactful insights”. We believe that good research and measurement design can draw out insights that can hinder and/or accelerate your transformation. There is “no one best culture” and the desired culture must be one that amplifies the organisation’s purpose and success outcomes. With this in mind, we seek to take stock of staff’s current experience with the organisation culture in terms of what promotes and inhibits. We do this through both organisation-wide culture assessment and leadership team values assessment.


Our solution enables you to build your transformation strategy on actionable data and insights. A data-driven strategy enables you to make a stronger case to your stakeholders for commitment building. We also help measure your progress against your baseline data so you can celebrate quick wins to re-energise, iterate and ramp up efforts where progress is lacking.

Our assessments include:

  • Culture Values Assessment

  • Small Group Assessment

  • Cultural Evolution Report

  • Customer Assessment

  • Merger/Compatibility Assessment

  • Leadership Team Assessment

  • 360-degree Leadership Values Assessment (LVA)

  • Personal Values Assessment (PVA)

  • 5 Behaviours of Cohesive Teams

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Culture Diagnostics & Audits

Culture Diagnostics & Audits
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Future State Culture Acceleration, Leadership Team Coaching & Change Management

We partner clients to successfully navigate organisation transformation through our unique People and Organisation Transformation approach; yes, People & Culture first, then Organisation Systems, Structures and Processes to guide and sustain the journey. We adopt a whole-system approach by first securing leadership team’s commitment to transformation. We believe that in any transformation (Digital or otherwise), it starts with the leadership team. The senior leaders must first “get their acts right” as One Team and role-model the Desired Culture.


We also help facilitate clarity and commitment towards shared purpose and vision, including a culture that amplifies success outcomes. Through an iterative process of engagement and design thinking, we identify key gaps and prioritise interventions in structure/process, leadership and people enablement, and systems alignment.


Our collective capabilities in the following areas enable us in driving effective transformations:

  • Business and Stakeholder Diagnostics and Insights

  • Culture Assessment, Design and Implementation

  • Mission, Vision and Values Development

  • Success Outcomes, Strategy Development and Organisation Design

  • Change Management

  • Staff Engagement and High-Performance Team Development

  • Team Coaching, Leadership Development and Management Huddles

  • Human Capital and Talent Development

Future State Culture Acceleration, Leadership Team Coaching & Change Management

We partner global technology firms with innovative and cost-effective solutions and provide the accompanying consulting solutions to ensure that users understand how the technologies can benefit them as well as ensure that the appropriate processes are established to optimise usage of the technologies for operational excellence and decision-making.

Our service focus is helping organisations to identify and implement technologies, review business, finance or human capital processes, re-design jobs and engage impacted stakeholders to:

  • Achieve operational efficiencies & effectiveness through technology adoption & process review

  • Facilitate knowledge retention through technology adoption

  • Improve the employee experience through adoption of appropriate HR technology tools

  • Build capabilities for analytics through adoption of technologies in customer experience and human capital management

  • Identify the impact on Job Roles and Capabilities as a result of Process Redesign & Technology Implementation

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Process Design & Technology Implementation

Process Design & Technology Implementation
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Customer Experience, Human Capital & Finance Transformation

Customer Experience

Many of our client organisations have defined their Desired Customer Experience and in doing so, they are able to purposefully and consistently evoke the Desired Customer Experience, across all touch-points within the organisation. Everyone understands what it means to be successful in delivering service to the customers (emotional outcomes) and what they can do to drive the customer experience consistently, nuanced for the different roles and functions. This together with our established culture solutions drive sustainable change and customer loyalty for our clients.


Our capabilities include:

  • Customer / Employee Research and Insights

  • Desired Customer Experience Articulation

  • Customer Experience Framework Development

  • Customer Experience Strategy and Culture Building

  • Customer Journey Mapping and Ideation

  • Desired Customer Experience Engagement and Training

  • On-going Service Audits and Action Planning

  • Customer Experience Coaching, Leadership and Change Management

  • Service (e.g. Service Recovery, Service Analytics) and Human Capital (e.g. Service Recognition, Service Competencies) Systems for Sustainable Change

Human Capital Transformation

Through various interventions, we work with leadership teams to achieve alignment of the shared goals and establish human capital systems to reinforce the desired culture to achieve the desired organisational goals.


Leaders play a critical role in identifying and grooming talent. Great Leaders understand the importance of engaging their workforce to ensure that every staff understand the goals of the organisation, work together to implement the articulated strategy and achieve the desired results at the individual and team levels.

Some leaders choose to “buy” talent, some choose to “build” talent. In a dynamic and changing business landscape whereby skills and knowledge are critical in enabling the organisation to be competitive and be future-ready, leaders must do both. There are times when Leaders have to make tough decisions to “bounce” talent when they no longer positively contribute or worse, when they inhibit growth of the organisation. 


Great leaders and organisations establish the right human capital systems and processes to attract and retain the right talent in the most effective ways, with the help of data science to facilitate decision-making. We work with Leaders to design and implement human capital systems to achieve these common people issues.

Our capabilities include:

  • Employee Engagement & Culture Diagnostic

  • HR Strategy Facilitation

  • Employee Value Proposition and Employee Experience Design

  • HR Process Review & Job Redesign

  • Core and Functional Competencies Framework Development

  • Recruitment & Selection, Compensation & Benefits, Performance Management Systems & Process Design

  • Flexible Work Arrangement implementation

  • Staff Handbook & Internalisation Policies

  • Career Management, Learning & Development

  • Succession Planning, Coaching & Mentoring

  • Talent Audit & Leadership Assessment

Finance Transformation


We help transform finance functions to be a strategic business partner for the business via value creation and controllership activities. We enable you to stay abreast of industry trends, drive value creation and enable growth, while concurrently maintaining regulatory compliance and promoting efficiency without compromising controls.


Our approach to redesign the finance function as a strategic business partner leverages technologies to unlock the value of finance. Our core offerings below provide the ability for organizations to realize leading capabilities for their finance functions.


Our capabilities include:

  • Finance and risk transformation
    Redesign finance and risk processes focusing on efficiency and internal controls by leveraging on data analytics and robotic process automation

  • Regulatory reporting
    Improve reporting quality and timeline to meet and anticipate regulatory requirements by leveraging on reporting tools


  • Controllership and finance operations
    Manage ongoing disruption while building a resilient organisation to meet the high demand of business units by providing support from a team of highly experienced professionals

Customer Experience, Human Capital & Finance Transformation

Organisation trust is key to any transformation efforts. This is especially true where there are many unknowns ahead and no one in the organisation can claim that he/she is the expert in all things. There is a strong call for personal and organisational agility and collaboration involving multiple disciplines. With trust (or psychological safety), people are unafraid to try new ways, admit wrongdoings and learn together. To gain this advantage, teams must:

  • Establish Vulnerability-based Trust
    When team members are genuinely transparent and honest with one another, they are able to build vulnerability-based trust.

  • Engage in Conflict Around Ideas
    When there is trust, team members are able to engage in unfiltered, constructive debate of ideas.

  • Commit to Decisions
    When team members are able to offer opinions and debate ideas, they will be more likely to commit to decisions.

  • Hold One Another Accountable
    When everyone is committed to a clear plan of action, they will be more willing to hold one another accountable.

  • Focus on Achieving Collective Results
    The ultimate goal of building greater trust, conflict, commitment, and accountability is one thing: the achievement of results.

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Organisation Trust & Results

Organisation Trust & Results

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