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Leadership &
Team Development

Developing Values-Based Leaders that Inspire and Develop the Culture of your Organisation

Values-based leadership is particularly relevant when organisations are trying to develop an agile culture in response to the fast-changing business environment because:

  • The lack of shared values and beliefs on the parts of its leaders are primary cause of failure in organisation change efforts.

  • The culture of an organisation reflects the underlying beliefs of the current leaders.

Culture transformation, therefore, must begin with the transformation of its leaders. Our Values-Based Leadership development solutions aim to do just that – developing leaders that inspire shared values of the organisation to drive performance.

Our tiered and integrated solutions are designed to engage leaders across the different levels in your organisation.

Leading Agile Culture (Business Leaders)

Getting Culture onto the Strategic Agenda

  • What are the business imperatives for which culture is important?

  • To achieve these business imperatives, how do you need people to behave?

  • What is at risk if people don’t behave this way?

  • Where and how to get to the “Tipping Point”?

Accelerating Culture Change

  • Mobilise the Power of the Few

  • Promoting Values-in-Action

  • Anchoring on language, symbols, stories, rituals

Leading Agile Practices (Operation Leaders)

Inspire and Lead with Share Values

  • Contextualise values-based behaviours strongly to operation processes

  • Employing the Agile Leadership Toolkit

  • Propagating the stories

Leading Agile Teams

  • Creating ownership and self-direction for results

  • Developing high performance through the Five Behaviors® Model

  • Facilitating Practice Values-Based Decision Making

The Agile Team Player (Individual Contributors)

The Agile Team Player

  • Develop a Growth and a Response-able Mindset

  • Leverage the Use of Self to add value to the team

  • Experience functional and dysfunctional team roles

  • Leveraging the Five Behaviors™ Personal Development to develop team skills

The Barrett Leadership Model

The foundation of our work in leadership development is based on The Barrett Leadership Model. Whether your need is a virtual or classroom competency program, aAdvantage will work with you to customise the best developmental approach.

Positive Focus / Excessive Focus

aAdvantage Consulting The Barett Leadership Model

Living Purpose

Creating New Futures, Long-Term Perspective, Ethics, Wisdom, Social Responsibility

Working in Collaboration

Coaching, Inclusion, Strategic Alliances, Community Involvement

Genuine Self-Expression

Openness, Creativity, Integrity, Passion, Trust, Honesty, Transparency

Courageously Evolving

Empowerment, Accountability, Risk-Taking, Agility, Transformation

Achieving Excellence

Quality, Results Orientation, Competence, Self-Esteem, Productivity, Efficiency

Supporting Relationships

Customer Satisfaction, Connection, Respect, Listening, Open Communication

Ensuring Viability

Financial Stability, Profit, Safety, Health









A 1-Minute Survey

How Agile is your current mindset? Is your mindset helping or inhibiting you in building an Agile team?

The following is a free Leadership Agility Survey to facilitate your self-awareness and reflection. The result will provide you with a simple picture of how your leadership values map against the Barrett Seven Levels of Leadership Consciousness and in which areas they are helping or inhibiting your effectiveness as an Agile leader.

Measuring & Leading Success survey banne

A 5-Minute Survey

How serious are you about growing your culture to support your strategy and results?

Are you starting to see evidence of your efforts to grow an cohesive and effective culture?

What are the benefits and learning from your culture work? What are your next steps to sustain the journey? 

Our Impact, Our Transformation

Singapore Business Federation Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting

Esther Chen

Assistant Manager

Human Resources

Singapore Business Federation

Chern Han had distinguished himself in every way owing to his exceptional insight into managing his professional related functions, and always come out on top even when the going was at its toughest. Chern Han has helped bridge the gap between business and people during difficult times in his role as a professional consultant by leading the Shared Values Project, Shared Values Cascading Workshop and Performance Appraisal Project. This has helped to stabilize the internal workforce, improve the staff understanding on the projects and improved business outcome.

Chern Han’s high calibre of character and extensive experience in the consultant’s arena set himself well above others. I confidently recommend his expertise to any organization and knowing his potential employer will benefit so much from his repertoire of his professional expertise.


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