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“The real role of the leader is to manage the values of the corporation.”

- Tom Peters, the author of “In Search of Excellence"

The culture of an organisation is a reflection of the underlying beliefs of the current leaders. Culture transformation, therefore, must begin with the transformation of its leaders. Our leadership development solutions aim to do just that - developing leaders that inspire and develop the culture of your organisation.

This is particularly relevant when many organisations are trying to develop an agile culture in responding to the VUCA world. Lack of “agile mindset” on the parts of its leaders is the primary cause of failure in agile transformation.

The foundation of our work in developing leadership development is based on the Seven Levels Of Consciousness of Richard Barrett (Barrett Values Centre). Organisations must have the primary focus on the levels which highly support the collaborative way of working:

Internal Cohesion

A sense of purpose and strong
internal community (level 5)


On-going improvement and
employee participation (level 4)


High-performance systems
and processes (level 3)


Positive relationships that support
organisation needs (level 2)

Our Value Driven Leadership approach is aimed at developing the leaders who operates above the level of consciousness – the agile leader.

Positive Focus / Excessive Focus

Service To Humanity And The Planet

Social responsibility, future generations, long-term perspective, ethics, compassion, humility.

Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

Environmental awareness, community involvement, employee fulfillment, coaching/mentoring.

Building Corporate Community

Shared values, vision, commitment, integrity, trust, passion, creativity, openness, transparency.

Continuous Renewal and Learning

Shared values, vision, commitment, integrity, trust, passion, creativity, openness, transparency.

High Performance

Systems, processes, quality, best practices, pride in performance. Bureaucracy, complacency.


Loyalty, open communication, customer satisfaction, friendship. Manipulation, blame.

Financial Stability

Shareholder value, organisational growth, employee health, safety. Control, corruption, greed.








Levels of Organisational Consciousness
aAdvantage's 5A Approach

Module 1

What is the desired outcomes?

Measure of success?

Key Objective

Align Expectations

Module 2

What is the current Leadership - Organisation Culture & competencies gaps

Key Objective

Assess Current State

Module 3

What are the attitude and skills to acquire?

Leadership tools and


Key Objective

Conduct Programmes

Module 4

What is the platform for review?

Peer support?

Coaching process?

Key Objective

Peer Coaching

Module 5

What is value realised?

Impact created?

What’s next?

Key Objective

Wake Up & Evaluation


A 1-Minute Survey

How Agile is your current mindset? Is your mindset helping or inhibiting you in building an Agile team?

The following is a free Leadership Agility Survey to facilitate your self-awareness and reflection. The result will provide you with a simple picture of how your leadership values map against the Barrett Seven Levels of Leadership Consciousness and in which areas they are helping or inhibiting your effectiveness as an Agile leader.

Measuring & Leading Success survey banne

A 5-Minute Survey

How serious are you about growing your culture to support your strategy and results?

Are you starting to see evidence of your efforts to grow an cohesive and effective culture?

What are the benefits and learning from your culture work? What are your next steps to sustain the journey? 

Our Impact, Our Transformation

Srinivasan Venkattapan (KG)

Senior Vice President - Corporate Planning

HITACHI Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Despite the short notice to facilitate, Vincent and his team stepped up to the challenge and exhibited a high degree of commitment and professionalism, right from the first contact. Prior to the retreat itself, they customized the content to align with our target markets and audience, reviewed the contents with stakeholders and designed the regular communication with field leaders. Their commitment to the details went even to the extent of designing the venue and every aspect of the retreat and was quite exemplary. The retreat was facilitated with a good mix of opportunities for the individuals and the teams to listen, reflect and act.

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