A career at aAdvantage gives you the opportunity to work in many different industries so that you can explore and discover your interest that will grow your career.

Our Hiring Process 

Our goal is to hire the right people for the right roles. We are continually looking for people who are inspired by our mission and who fit our open and collaborative culture. Our rigorous process is designed to reflect our organisation’s values, which are openness, collaborative, passionate, who are clear of their roles and believe that people do matter. During the recruitment process,  shortlisted candidates undergo several competency and psychometric assessments that are related to their role before the hiring manager meets them for a formal interview.


These assessments and conversations with senior staff and peers enable us to identify individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills and attributes to be successful in their job roles but also the right attitudes and values to integrate into our culture. This has enabled us to make hiring decisions based on data science, void of bias and “gut feel” or non-conclusive data such as educational qualification.

Our People & Culture

Our People, Our Asset

We recognise the importance of not only recruiting the best talent but also developing their skills and providing a culture where everyone can truly flourish. It is only with the dedication and passion of our people that we can generate long-term partnership and value for organisations and contribute the broader community.


Our diverse group of individuals are equipped with tools and knowledge that spans a variety of industries, they are driven by a passion for helping organisations build capabilities to achieve sustainable change. Our culture is anchored to a clear set of values that enable us to be a Great Place to do Great Work.


Read more about our Values.

Employee Experience

Developing a High Performing Culture to Support Our Vision

Our Human Resources Strategy

Our people are our greatest asset as client relationships are built on delivery of great work, trust and rapport. It is these factors that drive our mission, vision and values and in turn guide our HR Philosophy.

At the core of this philosophy is the belief in investing in our people. This is reflected in the culture our leaders embrace and inspire; the physical environment and the systems and policies we develop that mutually benefit the company and its people. We set out to engage and involve our people so that they experience aAdvantage Consulting as a “Great Place to do Great Work".

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