A career at aAdvantage gives you the opportunity to work in many different industries so that you can explore and discover your interest that will grow your career.

Our Hiring Process 

Our goal is to hire the right people for the right roles. We are continually looking for people who are inspired by our mission and who fit our open and collaborative culture. Our rigorous process is designed to reflect our organisation’s values, which are openness, collaborative, passionate, who are clear of their roles and believe that people do matter. T


1)  Pre-screening phone interview followed by a remotely-done 45-minute online assessment which identifies the profile of candidates across more than 100 attributes and aptitudes.

The profile enables our hiring team to make better selection decisions based on data science rather than on gut feel and criteria like educational qualification which has been proven to be poorly correlated to job performance. The potential hire meets our Human Resource personnel and goes through another series of competency and values assessments, depending on the job positions. Selected candidates will be interviewed by the Reporting Officer, followed by Director, and finally a peer interview.

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