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Process & Technology Implementation

Singapore’s goal as a nation is to be the leading digital economy. Key plans, centered around collaborations with partners and platform enablers, were announced by Minister for Communications and Information S Iswaran on 21 May 2018. One of the three key strategic priorities identify by the government is to digitalise every industry and every business, raising productivity and efficiencies to grow the economy.

In 2017, the Government rolled out 23 Industry Transformation Maps (ITMs). And supporting these ITMs, are Industry Digital Plans to facilitate digitalisation in every industry. SMEs in particular will get step-by-step support for every stage of their digital transformation, while businesses that are already digitalising can expect aid to push boundaries and explore new growth areas.

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the utilisation of technologies to facilitate work from home/remotely as well as to facilitate changes in processes to alleviate workforce constraints.

The Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey similarly reveals that the vast majority of executives (92%) surveyed say companies have a unique opportunity now to capitalise on digital acceleration. And nearly four out of five respondents say their customers have formed new lasting habits.

Anecdotally, we believe that this acceptance and acceleration of digital adoption is also true in our local context from organisations as well as from customers. Simply put, there’s no turning back on the digitalisation pathway.

In aAdvantage, we are particularly interested to help organisations identify and implement technologies to:

  1. Facilitate Human Capital decisions through analytics

  2. Facilitate knowledge retention

  3. Improve the employee experience through appropriate technology tools

  4. Increase HR operational productivity.

We partner global technology firms with innovative and cost-effective solutions to provide the accompanying consulting solutions to ensure that users understand how the technologies can benefit them as well as ensure that the appropriate processes are established to optimise usage of the technologies for operational excellence and decision-making.

Rate the extent to which you agree or disagree with each of the following statements regarding the impact of the pandemic on your company's digital product (percentage of executives who agree)

Now is a unique opportunity to capitalize on digital acceleration.

User retention is more important than ever.

Our users' expectations for great digital experiences have never been higher.

Users have formed new, lasting habits.

Users' digital adoption has accelerated and will never return to previous levels.

Competition for user loyalty has never been higher.

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Survey, September 2020

We also believe that for successful technology implementation key success factors include considering the following areas:

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Which Processes Need To Be Reviewed?

Geometric Icon Black.png

Is there a Need to Redesign Jobs?

Geometric Icon Black.png

What New Knowledge and Skills are required?

Geometric Icon Black.png

Do staff understand the rationale and objectives of the Technology Implementation?

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How do We Measure and Track that the Technology Implementation is Impactful?

Our consultants can work with you to ensure a holistic approach to technology implementation through the following services:


Establish/Review Policies & Processes to support Technology Implementation


Process Review & Job Redesign to Support Technology Implementation


Align Redesigned Job Roles to HR Systems & Policies (Compensation, Career Pathway, Competencies & Learning & Development, Performance Management Systems)


Change & Communications Management to ensure Awareness and Buy-in of the Technology

aAdvantage Consulting Job Redesign Approach banner
Job Redesign Approach

Where there is a need for a systematic approach to Job Redesign, we deploy the following methodology to via a modular approach which will enable us to progressively build on the results of each module as well as to allow the client to assess and provide input at each critical checkpoint.


Our approach will be highly interactive and will ensure that the client’s concerns and needs are considered throughout the project.  The estimated timeframe for each module will be discussed and confirmed upon commencement of the project and will vary depending on the number of processes and job roles impacted by the Job Redesign.



Key Objectives

  1. Conduct Job Analysis

  2. Formulate Job Redesign Prototype & Conduct Work Trials



Key Objectives

  1. Project Organisation and Confirm Job Redesign Objectives

  2. Understand Current State



Key Objectives

  1. Map To-Be Process and Develop Impact Assessment

  2. Revise Affected Job Description(s)

  3. Develop Implementation Plan



Key Objectives

  1. [Optional] Enhance Training Roadmap

  2. [Optional] Review Career Pathway

  3. [Optional] Revise Compensation & Benefits

Our Impact, Our Transformation

Despite the short notice to facilitate, Vincent and his team stepped up to the challenge and exhibited a high degree of commitment and professionalism, right from the first contact. Prior to the retreat itself, they customized the content to align with our target markets and audience, reviewed the contents with stakeholders and designed the regular communication with field leaders. Their commitment to the details went even to the extent of designing the venue and every aspect of the retreat and was quite exemplary. The retreat was facilitated with a good mix of opportunities for the individuals and the teams to listen, reflect and act.

Hitachi Solutions Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting

Srinivasan Venkattapan (KG)

Senior Vice President - Corporate Planning

HITACHI Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

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