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Change Management

Why Change Initiatives Fail

Anecdotally, more than 70% of transformations of any kind fail to achieve their intended results?

This is especially evident in organisations where there currently exist Trust Deficit or significant level of dysfunctions. Imagine you are driving themes of innovation and customer experience as part of the transformation and you have an organisation culture that currently reflects blame, risk-averseness, silo-mentality and long hours. The presence of these culture inhibitors has the propensity to inhibit the effective implementation of any transformation, and leave stakeholders doubtful, frustrated and disengaged. Change resistance is apparent at every level and even when people say yes, they actually mean no.

To effectively lead and manage change, aAdvantage’s Change Management solution focuses on strategies and interventions to support both organisational and individual transitions from the current state to the desired future state.

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Hard Truth: Do You Know That...

Putting in place key pillars of strategy, systems and structure and focusing on
capability-building might still yield organisations sub-optimal results.


When the Culture of the organisation does not “amplify” the desired effects of these pillars, all the good work done in each of the pillars will mean very little. 


We inspire our clients by developing and sustaining meaningful connections and alignment through our human-centric beliefs and competencies.


When people connect and align better, Organisation Trust emerges and results in new ways of thinking and desired behaviourial changes. 

Change Management should be embedded “From Vision to Results”…
it cannot be a downstream activity…it’s got to be core in all we do, right from the beginning.

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Address Both the Organisational and Individual Transitions.

Change is complex and unique to every organisation. A change approach that works for one organisation may not be effective for another and it cannot be managed with a “one-size fit all” methodology.


Our Change Management philosophy allows us to identify the unique situational factors and customise an approach that best meets your needs. Whether the organisation is driving digitalisation, aggressive growth, business optimisation and restructuring, or experiencing a culture transformation anchored on customer experience or innovation, our consultants will help you navigate through the process, anchored on our established Change Management principles, concepts and tools to:

  1. Accelerate rate of change

  2. Significantly increase probability to success

  3. Ensure sustainable change at both individual and organisational levels

aAdvantage Change Management Framework
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Our Change Management Services

We partner you to establish clarity on what’s current and desired, develop and implement fit-for-purpose change management interventions and review effectiveness with stakeholders on a timely basis.

Key Deliverables from
Current State Assessment

  • Organisation Case for Change

  • Awareness and Buy-in of Key Stakeholders on the Desired Future State

  • Current Culture Experience and Readiness for Change i.e. Promoters and Inhibitors to human-side of Change

  • Impact on Knowledge and Abilities

  • Impact on Work Profile and Structure

  • Impact on Policies and Processes

Possible Interventions for
Future State

  • Organisation Re-Design

  • Work Re-Design

  • Performance Management

  • Leadership Engagement & Alignment

  • Leadership Development & Coaching

  • Staff Competencies & Training Requirements

  • People Engagement & Communication Activities

  • Team Development & Engagement Across or Within Units

How Change Management is Weaved into the Project

We partner sponsors and client's change network at every stage of the journey from Vision to Results. Adopting an Agile Change Management approach, we establish timely reviews, communications and execution of Change Management activities & ad-hoc support, including on-going coaching for Change Champions.

aAdvantage Consulting Agile Change management approach

Our Impact, Our Transformation

Housing & Development Board Testimonial for aAdvantage Consulting

Angeline Ong

Deputy Director (Corporate Planning)

Corporate Development Group

Housing & Development Board (HDB)

Since 2013, we have worked with Vincent and his team at aAdvantage on the review of HDB’s culture/values and development of Values-Driven Change Management Programmes for our appointment holders. We have found Vincent’s team to be highly proficient, pro-active, responsive and accommodating. They have actively sought to understand the organisation’s needs and challenges, and constantly built on their past experiences to value-add to our programmes. They have designed and delivered well-thought out and engaging programmes that have fully met our programme objectives and garnered positive feedback from our stakeholders and participants. Vincent has been able to quickly gain a good grasp of our organisation’s background and culture, enabling him to engage more effectively with our stakeholders and provide a much more tailored programme to meet our needs.


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