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Digital Transformation & Culture Solutions

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1-Day Accelerating Digital Culture
Transformation Programme
1-Day Accelerating Digital Transformation Programme

“Don’t expect Transformation (Digital or otherwise) until you get your Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and Culture right.”

- Board Chairman to the CEO of the same organisation.


If the above resonates with you, it’s time to bring your SLT members together for open and facilitated conversations on the Why, What and How of Digital Transformation.

Accelerate leadership team transformation as the members start to “First Connect and Then Align” on what really matters:

Purpose & Vision (PV)

What do we want to achieve and why is this important?

Priorities & Inhibitors (PI)

Do we have the right "digital" culture? How will we get there and what might get in the way?

People & Needs (PN)

Who is going to make change happen and who will support them?

Start right and accelerate your digital transformation with aAdvantage!

We offer a “Fast Start” action-learning approach that supports the Founders / CEOs in aligning their leadership teams to digital transformation.


At the heart of this programme is the ability of our expert consultants to surface conversations that matter through aAdvantage’s established and practical approach and suite of culture transformation tools.

The outcome is leadership team’s alignment and commitment to the strategic transformation roadmap, roles and accountabilities and agreed rules of engagement. aAdvantage will also provide a complimentary follow-up session with the Founder/ CEO to review and propose recommendations moving forward.

Key Features
aAdvantage Consulting Digital Transformation Reconnect on what is important to individual and organisation

Reconnect on what’s important to individual and organisation. What’s common?

aAdvantage Consulting Digital Transformation Build compelling case for change

Take stock of our current journey and build compelling case for change. Is there one?

aAdvantage Consulting Digital Transformation Coming up with a plan to achieve the organisation's aspiration

What is the organisation’s aspiration, why is this important and how do we know when we are there; do we have a plan to achieve?

aAdvantage Consulting Digital Transformation Identify the root cause of the issue

A Vision and Strategy aren’t enough. Do we have the right culture? What promotes and inhibits us from achieving; are our people engaged, can we execute effectively, how can digital technologies help?

aAdvantage Consulting Digital Transformation Evaluating Leadership Team

“The long term key to success is execution. Each day. Every day.”
- Richard M. Kovacevich

How do we rate ourselves as a leadership team? What are our roles and how much can we absorb?

Our “Fast Start” Process
aAdvantage Consulting Phase 1 of Digital Transformation Discovery
  • What’s our common ground?

  • What’s our growth plan?

  • Why now?  What if we don’t?

Key Activities​

Conduct a 1-hour Sponsor Meeting

Key Deliverables

Aligned and confirmed 1-day programme and expected take-aways

aAdvantage Consulting Phase 2 of Digtal Transformation Alignment

Current Scope

  • Are we ready for change?

  • What’s our vision and desired outcomes? 

  • Current and Desired Culture?

    • What are the inhibitors?

    • What are our priorities?

  • How can technology enable?

Key Activities​

Conduct 1-Day Leadership Alignment Workshop (up to 20 pax)

Key Deliverables

  • A strategic transformation roadmap

  • Leadership team roles

  • Rules of Engagement

aAdvantage Consulting Phase 3 of Digital Transformation How do we move forward

Next Steps

  • How are we executing on plans?

  • How do we deal with conflict?

  • How do we move forward?

Key Activities​

Facilitate half-day Team Coaching Sessions to:

  • "Clear the Path" for smooth project implementation

  • Develop leadership capabilities

Key Deliverables

  • Ongoing peer review and tracking of change journey

  • Leadership team development

2-Day Strategic and Technology Road-mapping for Digital Transformation
2-Day Strategic and Technology Road-mapping
for Digital Transformation

Road-mapping is a key technology management tool that enables companies to link their technological capability to product and business plans so that strategy and technology development go hand-in-hand.


Strategic and Technology Road-mapping for Digital Transformation is a well-established and structured framework and process to enable organisations to review their:

  • Organisation intent vis-à-vis their external environment;

  • Current and future product and service portfolios;

  • Business operation capabilities and technology enablers; and

  • Digital Culture and Agile Leadership to enable effective planning and implementation.

The programme is adapted from Cambridge University’s T-Plan and facilitated by highly experienced business facilitators to create a business and technology roadmap to help organisations deal with fast-changing developments in their line of business.

How does this process help me in Digital Transformation?

Benefits of going through the process:

Greater AWARENESS of the business environment

Group CONSENSUS on the company’s future direction & desired culture 

Identify GAPS in
market intelligence

Importance of LINKAGES between technology resource and business drivers

Reduction in ROI RISKS in technology acquisition & development

Greater CONFIDENCE due to cohesive and coherent roadmap (Business and Action Plan) for future investment

Through the road-mapping process, the organisations will find their answers to:

How do we IDENTIFY technologies which have a future business impact?

What are DISRUPTIVE technologies that will affect me?

How do we SELECT and  PRIORITISE technologies for business benefit?

How do we COMBINE technologies to maximise impact?

How do we ACQUIRE and INTRODUCE new technologies?

2-Day Strategic and Technology Road-Mapping for Digital Transformation

A ‘fast-start’ planning approach to accelerate digital transformation!



The digital economy is increasingly transforming the way we work. Leveraging digital technologies is more than just good business — it’s crucial to staying relevant and profitable. Companies lagging in this area risk losing ground to newer business models and stricter environmental and government regulations. Accelerating digital transformation must be a key priority for any company hoping to compete in the future.


This programme is intended for “digital ready” owners and stakeholders who are keen to take advantage of a proven digital road-mapping process to translate their digital intention to tangible plan.


Why do we need to transform? The external and internal business and technology drivers, customer requirements, performance dimensions. What if we do not change, what's the consequence? (Why)

What are our future portfolio of products and services, business model innovation? (What)

How do we enable and ensure effective implementation (culture, capabilities, technology, resources etc.)? When do we implement the various mile-stones? (How and When)

Questions that will be addressed in this Programme

How ready are we for transformation? What if we don’t change? 

What are the external drivers that will “disrupt” our business?

How do we develop a roadmap that leverage technologies for maximum impact?

Do we have the right
“Digital Culture” to transform?

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aAdvantage's Proposed 2-Day Digital Transformation Approach

Pre-workshop Meeting

  • Stakeholder Alignment to Road-mapping

  • Industry Value Chain Review

  • Current Usage of Technology

  • SPOT Analysis

  • Technology Trends

Day 1 Workshop

  • External & Internal Business Drivers

  • Case for Transformation

  • Game-changing Business Model

  • Technology/Capabilities Required

Day 2 Workshop

  • Roadmap Charting

  • Prioritisation of Initiatives

  • Group Consensus

  • Digital Culture and Agile Leadership

  • Next Steps

Our Impact, Our Transformation

Invisalign Testimonial.png

Casline Chu

Managing Director

South Asia & Doctor-Directed Consumer Channel

Invisalign Singapore Pte Ltd

I’ve worked with Chern Han and his team for the past 10 years across a multitude of business and team contexts, such as start-ups, turnarounds and business growth acceleration. This partnership with aAdvantage has also spanned across both consumer goods and medical devices, as well as, Asia Pacific.

The ability by Chern Han and his team to quickly diagnose and appreciate the different businesses and go-to-market models are phenomenal. Their customized solutions as a result were often on point and highly appreciated. In each situation, Chern Han and his team were able to quickly understand our needs and map out necessary programs that will allow us to rejuvenate our teams. During the sessions, aAdvantage team was often agile in making the necessary adjustments as they assess the responses from our team members of diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

It is almost expected that our teams would have our passion re-ignited after these sessions. The impact on the business and teams was often long-lasting, with many fond memories and common languages created to sustain our energy and creativity to face the challenges ahead. It is therefore not surprising that I continue to trust Chern Han and his team as a reliable partner throughout these years.


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