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SWES 2023: Leaders’ Role in Culture Development for Sustainable Employee Engagement

Discover the pivotal role that leaders play in driving employee engagement and, ultimately, organisational success.

The 2023 Singapore Workforce Engagement Study (SWES) highlights a positive trend in workforce engagement, surpassing pre-COVID levels. With SMEs narrowing the engagement gap with non-SMEs, leaders play a pivotal role in fostering an open and engaged culture. This study explores three key themes: the cultural impact of leadership, the role of immediate supervisors, and the need for fair human capital practices. It further identifies priority areas for improvement within organisations, underscoring the importance of focusing on leadership inspiration, clarity in performance management and mental health support for employees. By providing insights on leadership and employee engagement, aAdvantage hopes to inspire the cultivation of a workforce that not only engages but also propels organisations toward sustained success.

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