What is our Employer Brand? How should we differentiate our employee experience?

How do we design an onboarding programme to deliver the Desired Employee Experience for new hires?

Employment Standards Compliance

Do our employment terms & conditions comply with legislation (e.g. Employment Act, CPF Act)?

What can we do if we are found to be non-compliant to various aspects of the Employment Act?

Recruitment & Selection
Recruiting Right – Job Fit, Culture Fit, Potential

Basic Recruitment & Selection System

  • Establish recruitment & selection processes and procedures

  • Develop customised forms, templates for the recruitment and new hire processes

Intermediate Level Recruitment & Selection System

  • Identify appropriate Recruitment Assessment Tools as part of the Selection Process

  • Develop a Competency-Based Interview Guide

  • Train Hiring Managers on Interview Techniques

Sophisticated Recruitment & Selection System

  • Develop PerceptionPredict® "Performance Fingerprint" to Identify High Potential at Hiring Stage

How can we hire better quality candidates to ensure better quality candidates?

How do we ensure that our hiring managers have the skills to execute fair hiring practices?

Performance Management

How do we ensure that our employees are focused on achieving the organisation’s goals?

How to we ensure that we clearly communicate performance expectations?

How do we ensure that desired behaviours are recognised and dysfunctional behaviours are corrected?

Learning & Development

Do our employees have the required knowledge and skills to perform in their current roles?

What are the new knowledge and skills required of our employees to achieve our strategies?

How do we develop leadership capabilities?

Compensation & Benefits

Do our salary offers limit our hiring decisions?

Are we losing staff mainly due to our salary and benefits?

How do we know if our salary and benefits are competitive to the market?

Career Development

How can be better communicate career development decisions?

How can we create new career opportunities for our employees?

How can we better manage career development in our organisation?

Job Redesign

How do we ensure that our jobs are  “Future Ready” with the right skills and knowledge to address organisational needs?

What are new skills and knowledge required when we introduce new processes or technologies? How will the job roles change?

How will careers, compensation & benefits change when job roles change? How do we effect these changes?

Talent Audit & Succession Planning

How can we be more effective in identifying leadership potential?

How do we ensure that our high performers have a high potential for future roles?

Have we identified successors for critical roles?

How do we groom our future leaders?

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