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Workplace Culture Guidebook 2021

The Workplace Culture guidebook is based on a recent study on Workplace Culture, co-sponsored by IHRP and aAdvantage.

Through this guidebook, organisations will gain a better overview of our insights on the local workplace culture experienced by staff today, the desired culture and what it means for organisations going forward.

Study Objectives

To shed light on the current and desired organisation culture


To highlight the role of leadership and HR in culture development


To inspire ownership and action for culture building


3 Key Themes Experienced in the Current Culture

Attention on evolving the business.png

Covid-19 necessitates new ways of doing things and triggers changes in business operations. Evolving the business becomes a priority for most organisations as a necessity for survival and to meet shorter-term organisation performance metrics.


The long-drawn effects of Covid-19 has taken its toll on organisations and business performance. Many organisations respond to the financial stress by focusing on immediate business results and keeping customers satisfied. We also observe an emphasis on taking ownership of results, whether on an individual, team or department level.

Performance focused.png
Hierarchy bureaucracy and cost reduction.png

In the pursuit of shorter-term business results, structures, processes or policies may have been put in place to maintain standards, connectivity, & “optimise” cost. When done excessively, these could result in negative staff perceptions of ‘Hierarchy’, ‘Bureaucracy’ and ‘Cost-reduction’, particularly when awareness and buy-in efforts fall short.

This perceived culture may also also be the result of insufficient communication, clarity or transparency from leaders on the direction and plans. The presence of potentially limiting values like hierarchy, bureaucracy & cost reduction could be inhibiting in the long term.

Culture Study Approach
Values Assessment

Measure organisation culture experienced by HR practitioners (proxy for staff) in their respective organisations.

Round Table

Engage experienced industry practitioners to share their perspectives.

  1. Share local findings in comparison with past local and global assessments.

  2. Panel dialogue on culture development

For an in-depth analysis of the study findings and its methodology, download the Workplace Culture Guidebook & Infographic 2021

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