Overcoming Three Challenges You Face In Business

Employees desire a workplace that focuses on building healthy and sustainable relationships as a foundation to achieve organisation outcomes.

Business leaders spanning the public and private sectors, large and small organisations, profit and non-profit organisations typically have five common challenges with three focusing on talent and manpower issues:​

  1. Talent attraction and retention

  2. Managing a multigenerational workforce

  3. Maintaining consistent high performance across the organisation

In order to address the root of these challenges, business leaders need a radical mindset shift. Drawing from insights of aAdvantage Consulting’s 2015 Singapore National Values Assessment on workplace culture, I will explain why this is needed.


Challenge #1: Manpower and Talent attraction and retention

Organisations are struggling to attract new blood and keep the right people in the organisation.

Even as organisations look for talent and manpower who have the right character and skillsets to lead and deliver, retaining them is a whole different ballgame altogether. Employees have diverse motivations to stay in an organisation and push factors to leave the organisation are too complex to be micro-managed.

Overcoming Challenge #1: Knowing the heart of the people

Who are the people in your organisation? What are their priorities, what are their needs?

While employees may look disengaged or disinterested at work, they are in reality, very relational who want to be happy and cared for! This is what we found in our 2015 Singapore National Values Assessment (NVA) on workplace culture (slide 13).

Here are some values and behaviours Singapore employees describe themselves to possess: “family”, “friendship”, “happiness”, “balance (home/work)”, “caring”, “positive attitude” all of which show that the Singapore employee are a relational lot of people.

Something to ponder about: How often do we stop to find out about who our people are instead of focusing on what they can do? Is it time we get to know our people and know their hearts rather than see them as resources