Is Your Leadership Team Prepared For Transformation, Digital or Otherwise?

A Case Study on Organisation Culture’s Impact on Transformation

The Case for Change

The following are paraphrased from client interactions:

"It is with deep regret that I announce that John is leaving us, a real loss to our organisation, especially with the departure of several of our senior leaders recently. ​ We cannot afford to lose this talent, experience and diversity of views if we aspire to be a great place to work and to do great business. We need to move away from having a ‘closed’ mindset, embrace change, and different ideas and ways of doing things. My commitment is to lead this Culture Change."

- CEO’s message to members of the Senior Leadership Team, XYZ Co.

"I am speaking to you with a positive purpose in mind. I believe that by talking about people’s negative experiences and hearing each other’s perspectives, a company's strength is better forged. ​ I urge all to reflect on behaviours and cultural norms. Reflect deeply and act."

- Excerpts from John’s parting message to Senior Leaders (peers) in the same organisation

The departure of these talented and experienced leaders is one of the negative consequences that people experience with the dysfunctional culture in the organisation. For existing staff, frustrations exist in terms of ‘the way they work’, particularly the negative behaviours of:​

  • Silo-mentality: fighting for / duplicating resources; non-sharing of information,

  • Blame: focusing on who is at fault,

  • Bureaucracy: excessive emphasis on SOPs and control, even when situation calls for flexibility in approach,

  • Lack of clarity and alignment: in strategy, plans and commitments,

  • Empire-building / Ego: putting emphasis on self over organisation interest, and

  • Lack of psychological safety: being afraid or unwilling to voice out, try new things and hold each other accountable to commitments impacting organisation outcomes.


aAdvantage’s Point of View and Approach on Organisation Transformation

"Organisation transformation begins with Leadership transformation"