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aAdvantage Consulting Received 2 Awards at the Tripartite Alliance Award 2021 (Press Release)

​'As important as a high and attractive salary' Why more firms are trying to boost work-li

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16 August 2021

Singapore (August 16, 2021) – aAdvantage Consulting Group was awarded 2 awards at the annual Tripartite Alliance Award. In recognition of its effective implementation of fair, responsible and progressive employment practices, aAdvantage Consulting was awarded with the Work-Life Excellence award and the Fair & Progressive Practices award.


“The Tripartite Alliance Award is an extraordinary award for extraordinary employers in extraordinary times. This round, our Award winners continued to press ahead with their progressive employment practices even when faced with challenging circumstances and COVID-related disruptions. It is a valuable reminder that fair and progressive employment practices are important, not just during good times, but also during challenging times,” said Mr Stephen Lee, Chairman, Tripartite Alliance Limited.


The Work-Life Excellence award recognises organisations that have successfully implemented effective work-life strategies that maximises employee performance. With a trust-based culture, aAdvantage Consulting was able to implement its work-life strategies effectively.


The Fair & Progressive Employment Practices award recognises organisations with effective workplace and people practices. aAdvantage Consulting strongly believes that people are its greatest assets. As part of its fair and progressive employment practices, it adopts a competency-based approach when hiring.


In this year’s Tripartite Alliance Award, out of the 181 organisations that were nominated, 29 organisation were shortlisted as the finalists, and 21 organisations emerged as the winners.


About Tripartite Alliance Award

The Tripartite Alliance Award is conferred by the tripartite partners, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF). The Tripartite Alliance Award recognises exemplary organisations that have effectively implemented fair, responsible and progressive employment practices, while keeping employees at the heart of their progress.

About aAdvantage Consulting Group

Founded in end 2002, aAdvantage Consulting provides a full range of culture transformation solutions, ranging from business and culture transformation, to customer experience and culture transformation. aAdvantage Consulting focus on projects related to customer, employee and culture, and its impact on business transformation. The company’s mission is to partner clients in organisation growth through culture transformation. aAdvantage Consulting have partnered over 400 clients in their transformation journey, won over 700 projects, and achieved a customer satisfaction rating of 4.5/5.0. It has attained numerous accolades, such as the Tripartite Alliance Award for Work-Life Excellence and Fair & Progressive Practices, as well as multiple Tripartite Standards awards.

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