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A place where long-lasting friendships are made; We have fun together and show care and concern and create a workplace that is fuelled by passion to achieve our mission.

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Collaborative & Inclusive Culture

At aAdvantage, we embrace diversity and believe in leveraging on each other’s strengths. Our team consists of individuals from diverse backgrounds, each bringing valuable expertise and perspectives to our work.

With a firm belief in being accessible and approachable, our Directors regularly engage and mentor our talents to understand their interests and personal/career development goals. Our practices and policies are tailored to a diverse set of needs, providing support for individuals to flourish and grow.

Collaboration lies at the heart of our work. Driven by our “One Firm” mindset, we value collaborative efforts across different teams and practices – creating alliances to achieve common goals. With a flat organisational culture and an open office that supports hot-desking, our workplace is organised without barriers to lead teams toward success.

This commitment to place you at the heart of our firm and empower you to reach your fullest potential is what makes aAdvantage a great place.

Open & Supportive Environment

Trust lies at the heart of our results-driven culture. We believe in providing the right environment, tools, and resources for you to take charge and excel.We promote a strong coaching & self-learning culture; we support flexible working arrangements to achieve work-life harmony and integration. We believe that self-starters will thrive in our work environment and feel empowered to make decisions that impact your personal growth and professional development. 

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We are committed to maintaining an open environment that is focused on learning, sharing and development.

Our Directors practise and encourage open, transparent communication, laying the groundwork for our various employee engagement initiatives. Through this, we strive to continually improve, while remaining sensitive to the differentiated needs of individuals like yourself.

We do more than just work. At aAdvantage, we value the personal connections and lasting friendships that we forge along the way.

Your physical and mental wellbeing are important to your success. We create opportunities for you to unwind and relax, showcase your talents in fun ways, and for team development.