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2-Day Successful Change Management in Transformations

2-Day Successful Change Management in Transformations.png
Do You Face These Difficulties When Implementing Change?

Rolled out new strategies and technological solutions and yet experiencing sub-optimal results?


Employees lack psychological safety and are not receptive to change?


Organisation Culture is inhibiting the effective implementation of change initiatives?

Is It Common For Change Initiatives To Fail?

Yes! 66% of change initiatives fail as the organisations are likely to experience:

  • Outcomes or objectives not achieved

  • Project delays

  • Project abandoned

  • Productivity declines

  • Absenteeism

  • Loss of valued employees

  • Extra costs and risk

  • Inefficiencies

  • History of failed change

Source: Gartner 2018

What to Expect From The 2-Days Workshop?

Key learning points that organisations can expect to take away after 2 days:

aAdvantage Consulting Digital Transformation Reconnect on what is important to individual and organisation

How your world-view / beliefs (of yourself, team, and environment) influence the way you lead change

aAdvantage Consulting Digital Transformation Build compelling case for change

How to address the human-side of change

aAdvantage Consulting Digital Transformation Coming up with a plan to achieve the organisation's aspiration

Identify Promoters and Inhibitors of change

aAdvantage Consulting Digital Transformation Identify the root cause of the issue

From Vulnerability-based trust to Results

How does this programme help me in Change Management?
The Overall Objective Of The Course Is To Equip Participants With The Knowledge And Skills Needed To:
  • Navigate the business in the age of digital disruption focusing on Leading Culture and Change Management

  • Lead with context; build trust and solicit buy-in through positive conflict.

  • Establish commitment and hold one another accountable to organisation / team result.

  • Imbue agility in change management, as part of transition management.

Modern City
Proposed 2-Day Successful Change Management Outline

Day 1 Workshop (Morning):
"Begin from I, then to We"

  • Today's reality and corporate aspirations

  • Organisation transformation begins with leadership transformation

  • Values Unite, Beliefs Divide

  • Whole-systems change, beginning with leadership team commitment

Day 1 Workshop (Afternoon):
The Way We Work

  • Measuring and managing culture

  • Promoters and inhibitors to change

  • psychological safety in teams / organisations

Day 2 Workshop (Morning):
Leading the Human-Side of Change

  • Using the ADKAR Model to drive personal change

  • Management by context

  • Listening for perspectives

  • Holding one another accountable

Day 2 Workshop (Afternoon):
Leading the Organisation-Side of Change

  • Kotter's 8 Steps of Organisation Change

  • The Change Network

  • The Change Plan

Our Impact, Our Transformation


Jean Tan

Executive Director

Singapore International Foundation (SIF)

I first worked with aAdvantage when I was in the public sector. They introduced an organisational climate survey that measured elements of total work experience impacting employee satisfaction. As a leader, I found the tool useful in addressing management gaps and my experience with aAdvantage was positive. They were knowledgeable and proactive, in particular I appreciated that they went beyond presenting survey analytics to providing practical HR solutions. I next worked with aAdvantage in the NGO sector. I sought aAdvantage's help to build the right culture in my organisation to complement our business strategy. aAdvantage worked well with my leaders and was instrumental in helping us overcome significant challenges to shape a supportive work environment. I also used them to facilitate strategic conversations for organisational transformation. Vincent is skillful in navigating difficult conversations and I have appreciated his useful insights and advice, in drawing from his wide experience and suggesting relevant best practices for our stage of development. His team has also demonstrated flexibility and responsiveness in working with us. If you seek help in organisational transformation, I recommend you consider harnessing aAdvantage's expertise.

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Full Workshop Outline

2-Day Successful Change Management in Transformation Programme

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