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Sherrin Lim: Navigating Growth and Empowerment

Employee Spotlight - Sherrin Lim | aAdvantage Consulting

Introducing Sherrin Lim, a Senior Consultant/Facilitator at aAdvantage Consulting. With an eight-year part-time journey and now two years in a full-time role, Sherrin has become an essential pillar of our team.

Her Journey

According to Sherrin, transitioning from part-time to full-time was a natural progression rooted in the trust forged between herself and the company over the years. During her initial eight years in a part-time capacity, she gained a comprehensive understanding of aAdvantage's operational dynamics. Sherrin appreciates the company's commitment to flexibility and trust in its team, making the move to full-time a compelling choice for her professional growth. 


Currently a full-time Senior Consultant/Facilitator, Sherrin spearheads the creation of a secure and inclusive space for client engagements. From designing and leading workshops to fostering open communication and facilitating team consensus, she strives to deliver maximum value to our clients’ organisations. 


Sherrin's workdays are dynamic, encompassing tasks such as research, report writing, and presentations. She appreciates aAdvantage’s flat hierarchy that emphasises collaboration across various levels, from analysts to senior management. This approach blends diverse perspectives, enhancing work quality and fostering creativity for effective outcomes. 

What Sets aAdvantage Apart

What sets aAdvantage apart as a workplace, according to Sherrin, is its empathetic and flexible culture. Supported by strong leadership, this combination fosters unity, especially during challenging times. Moreover, the ability to work from home enables Sherrin to balance professional and family commitments seamlessly. 


In her words, "This arrangement enables me to pick up my kids from school without the need to rush back and forth between work and home." She emphasises the practicality of this setup as a solution for childcare responsibilities, stating, "It allows for a more balanced integration of work and family commitments". 

Memorable Experience

Revisiting her most memorable experience at aAdvantage, Sherrin recalls the company's 20th Anniversary celebration. The event offered a chance to value the collective accomplishments and relationships built over its long history, underlining the company's dedication to its team's growth and success. 


“The occasion allowed for a reflection on two decades of achievements, growth, and shared experiences,” Sherrin recalls, evoking a sense of nostalgia and warmth from that night. 

Effective Communication as the Key

Sherrin identifies effective communication as a pivotal skill gained during her time at aAdvantage. Leading projects that prioritise collaboration, empowerment, and leadership development, she has honed the ability to convey ideas clearly, actively listen, and foster an environment where team members feel heard and understood. Effective communication, according to Sherrin, is foundational to successful collaboration, empowerment, and leadership.  


Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the dedicated individuals who drive aAdvantage's success in helping clients with their organisations’ growth.


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