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Introducing Syed Hafiz: Research Executive at aAdvantage Consulting

Meet Syed, an integral part of aAdvantage Consulting for the past year, contributing his skills and dedication as a Research Executive.

Role Overview

As a Research Executive, Syed conducts primary research and analyses gathered data, providing strategic recommendations for our valued clients, as well as assistance to the analysts and fieldwork supervisors. Syed's diverse work reflects the varied nature of our projects. From comprehensive audit service checks to detailed data cleaning tasks, each day brings a fresh set of challenges, showcasing Syed's adaptability and commitment to delivering quality outcomes.

Fostering Bonds Beyond Boundaries

When asked what makes aAdvantage a great place to work, Syed shares: “The company's commitment to fostering camaraderie! Due to aAdvantage’s flexible work arrangements, my colleagues and I do a lot of work remotely and don’t get to interact physically as much. To counter this, we participate in engaging activities together, like table tennis sessions, Chinese New Year celebrations, and even overseas company trips. These events really help to strengthen the bond among ourselves, aiding future collaboration.”

Reflecting on a memorable moment, Syed recounted the satisfaction and sense of achievement of submitting his first report to clients – a moment that also celebrated the collective hard work and dedication of the team.

Flexible Work Hours and Personal Impact

Syed values the flexi-hours framework implemented at aAdvantage, granting him the freedom to plan his own work hours, and encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

Outside of the professional sphere, Syed dedicates his free time to volunteering with mental health advocacy and social impact groups. His empathy and passion for meaningful causes is a quality that inspires the rest of aAdvantage.

A Toolkit of Essential Skills

During his time at aAdvantage, Syed has cultivated a diverse skill set, with a particular emphasis on honing interpersonal skills. Effective communication with various stakeholders is what Syed considers to be the cornerstone of successful project outcomes and is a skill that cannot be discounted.


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