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Laura Wong: Crafting Culture Transformation with Versatility and Purpose

Laura Wong: Crafting Culture Transformation with Versatility and Purpose | aAdvantage Consulting Employee Spotlight

Meet Laura Wong, a recent addition to the aAdvantage Consulting team. As a Consultant with aAdvantage for more than two months, Laura has quickly integrated herself into the organisation, contributing to the company’s commitment to culture transformation.

Navigating a Career Shift with Purpose

Laura came from the healthcare industry, previously a consultant who advised on market entry and growth, and then moving on to leadership roles in large healthcare institutions where she directed strategic and management efforts. She decided on a career change, seeking an organisation that could provide both a fulfilling professional life, as well the work-life balance necessary for Laura to be present in her child’s growing years.

“A large reason I joined aAdvantage is that the company provides unparalleled flexibility for its employees in terms of work-life balance. aAdvantage is perhaps one of the few firms which provide such a great environment for individuals with family commitments.”

With aAdvantage, she found the perfect environment that aligned with her aspirations. The company’s commitment to providing diverse professionals with opportunities to make meaningful contributions also facilitated her integration into the company. The joy of interacting with her clients and workshop participants, as she learns from their life and work experiences, is the cherry on top.

Learning the Ropes

Delving into the diverse experiences that define her role at aAdvantage, Laura’s career shift brought an exciting change from the responsibilities held in her previous positions. Her current days are filled with a diverse mix of engaging workshop sessions, proposal writing and programme design, reflecting the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of work at aAdvantage.

Driving Culture Transformation

Laura elaborates on her role at aAdvantage, where she plays a crucial role in helping clients navigate their Culture Transformation journey. Through Culture workshops and coaching sessions, Laura optimises teamwork, enabling clients to enhance team performance and strive for organisational excellence.

Embracing aAdvantage's Unique Work Culture

In a single sentence, Laura expresses her appreciation for aAdvantage's flat organisational structure, where a sense of familial camaraderie is fostered. The family culture and flexible work arrangements contribute to making aAdvantage an enjoyable workplace.

When asked about her most memorable moment at aAdvantage, Laura shares:

“There was a time when I facilitated a training session at short notice. Since I didn’t have much time to prepare, I was anxious about the outcome. Surprisingly, to my delight, the learners thoroughly enjoyed it and gave me positive feedback! They gave me a full score and commented that my knowledge and work experience have enhanced their learning experience. With this affirmation, I feel even more confident and eager to conduct future sessions!”

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the dedicated individuals who drive aAdvantage's success in assisting clients with their organisational growth.


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