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Koh Mei Fen: A Multifaceted HR Champion

Meet Koh Mei Fen, our Human Resources (HR) Consultant, who has journeyed with aAdvantage Consulting for 7 years. As an integral member of the HR team, Mei Fen plays a key role in developing policies in the interest of her team members’ well-being.

A Multifaceted HR Champion

Mei Fen’s role in the company encompasses an array of essential functions, including the development of HR policies, performance management, recruitment, and employee onboarding. Beyond these core responsibilities, Mei Fen is also deeply involved in HR practice development work and committee initiatives, particularly in areas like work-life, induction, and branding.

There is no typical day working in aAdvantage for Mei Fen. While recruitment is a consistent aspect of her daily tasks, she also navigates a dynamic landscape that includes managing multiple HR functions and spearheading practice development and work-life committee initiatives simultaneously. Mei Fen's ability to gracefully balance these diverse responsibilities showcases her versatility and dedication to her role.

A Beacon of Community and Collaboration

When asked to describe what she thinks makes aAdvantage a great place to work, Mei Fen shares: "The strong sense of community that encourages teamwork, trust and flexibility from our leaders – and the open culture of communication!”

Her Proudest Achievement

Reflecting on her journey, Mei Fen counts her contribution towards aAdvantage receiving the Tripartite Alliance Award for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices and Work-Life Excellence in 2021 as her proudest moment. This award was to Mei Fen, a recognition of her and aAdvantage’s dedication to cultivating an inclusive and supportive work environment.

The Art of Skill Refinement

Throughout her tenure at aAdvantage, Mei Fen has honed a range of invaluable skills. While she acknowledges the acquisition of various competencies, she highlights her enhancement of technical skills as the most impactful. These technical skills have equipped her to perform her tasks with greater efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately benefiting the entire organisation.

Mei Fen's journey with aAdvantage is emblematic of the company's ethos – a celebration of collaboration, innovation, and growth. As she continues to contribute her expertise and passion, Mei Fen stands as a shining example of the exceptional talent that defines aAdvantage Consulting.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the dedicated individuals who drive aAdvantage's success in helping clients with their organisation growth.


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