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James Tan: Driving Strategy through Data and Analysis

Meet James Tan, an integral member of aAdvantage Consulting's Research & Insights team, who has been making his mark since joining the company in November 2021. As an Analyst, James brings a fresh perspective and experience to his role, contributing significantly to the firm's success.

A Journey of Growth and Innovation

“As a member of the Research & Insights team, my responsibilities include preparing proposals (related to mystery audits, surveys and focus groups), project management, analysing raw data and preparing comprehensive reports for our treasured clients,” James shared.

Besides that, he also plays a pivotal role in Practice Development groups, where he actively participates in defining and enhancing the company's innovative strategies and operational excellence. His dedication extends to mentoring and supervising interns, ensuring that their time at aAdvantage is not only productive, but enriching as well.

Nurturing Insights Through Collaboration

One of James's notable contributions is his skill in facilitating focus groups. Drawing from his colleagues' guidance and insights, he continually refines his approach to engage participants effectively, fostering an environment where valuable insights are freely shared.

Reflecting on his time at aAdvantage, James fondly recalls a significant achievement — by utilising his creativity and empathy in understanding his clients’ needs, he was able to craft out proposal at a competitive price, hence securing two contracts within a single month. In doing so, he facilitated a partnership with an existing client as well, helping the latter in its organisational transformation goals.

A Balanced Approach to Work and Life

When asked what makes aAdvantage a great place to work for him, James replies: “The remote working arrangements! I am grateful for the autonomy and trust given to work remotely. These arrangements allow me to reinvest the time and energy saved from traveling into other activities such as reading and exercising.”

As James continues to leave an indelible mark on the Research & Insights team at aAdvantage Consulting, his journey stands as a testament to the firm's commitment to innovation, collaboration, and fostering an environment where every employee's potential is realised.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the dedicated individuals who drive aAdvantage's success in helping clients with their organisation growth.


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