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Victor Lee: Redefining Career Trajectories

Employee Spotlight - Victor Lee | aAdvantage Consulting

Introducing Victor Lee, our Training Administrator at aAdvantage Consulting. With more than a decade dedicated to aAdvantage, Victor's journey has been marked by steadfast dedication and significant contributions, making him an indispensable part of the team. 

Evolving Role and Rewards at aAdvantage

Victor embarked on his journey with aAdvantage in 2012, initially contributing his skills as a Research Assistant. His role encompassed conducting meticulous surveys and mystery audits, laying the groundwork for the comprehensive services aAdvantage prides itself on today.  


As time progressed, Victor faced personal challenges that necessitated a shift in his career trajectory. Recognising his invaluable contributions and commitment to his role, Victor was offered a role transition to Training Admin. This not only accommodated his healthcare needs but also allowed him to continue his career and contributions.  


aAvantage's supportive leadership and the opportunity to prepare for a smooth transition into retirement was particularly appreciated by Victor during his tenure. This nurturing approach, he notes, has instilled in him a profound sense of belonging and gratitude. 

Flexible Work Arrangement and Health Management

The flexibility of Victor's part-time work arrangement at aAdvantage has been instrumental in balancing his healthcare requirements with his responsibilities. With no fixed working days, Victor tailors his weekly schedule to meet job demands while accommodating medical appointments. This adaptive approach has allowed Victor to schedule his work and personal arrangements accordingly, ensuring that he remains productive without compromising his well-being. 

Job Redesign and On-the-job Coaching

Victor's transition from Research Assistant to Training Administration was a deliberate effort in redesigning his role. On-the-job coaching played a crucial role in equipping Victor with the essential skills for his new role, empowering him not just with the knowledge but also enabling him to more effectively leverage digital technology. 


Through this process, Victor not only honed his technical skills but also embraced the newfound realm of digital communication and administrative efficiency. He highlights that the support and coaching he received contributed not only to his professional growth but also in the seamless adaptation to his new role. 

Advice on Working into Retirement

Victor passionately advocates for continued engagement, irrespective of one’s age. He encourages those approaching retirement to remain active in the workforce, whether on a full-time or part-time basis. His own experience has reinforced the belief that meaningful work can significantly enhance one's quality of life and sense of purpose, even as they navigate the later stages of their career. 

Reflecting on Workplace Culture and Retirement

Reflecting on his journey, Victor shares that his initial thoughts on retirement have dramatically shifted since embracing a flexible work arrangement. Far from yearning for a life of routine-free relaxation, he values the structure, purpose, and social interactions that work brings. His experience at aAdvantage, characterised by flexibility, support, and a culture that celebrates every team member’s contributions, has reshaped his views on retirement and the essence of a nurturing workplace culture. 


Victor's story is an example of how aAdvantage Consulting goes beyond the conventional to support its team members through every phase of their professional and personal lives. This conviction underscores the significance of adaptability, support, and the enduring value of contributing to one's field, all while navigating the personal journey toward retirement with grace and determination. 


Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from the dedicated individuals who drive aAdvantage's success in helping clients with their organisations’ growth. 


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