Your biggest investment could be your smartest, however selecting sales talent is tough. The evidence is clearly on display

in the 30-40% underperforming component in every sales team. And yet today, the most popular tool for sales selection

decisions is still intuition. It's notoriously inaccurate, subject to bias, and doesn't scale.
Perception’s talent and data science analytics ensures you're selecting the right person for the right sales role to achieve your

quota objectives. We combine granular psychographic data at hyper-scale with role-specific sales performance data to create

uniquely predictive Performance Fingerprints through which sales leaders can make informed decisions.

Sales Org

Talent Analytics

Surgically quantify sales org revenue efficiency.

Sales Performance Fingerprints

Surgically predict actual performance in a specific sales role.

Sales Org


Accurately quantify right person, right sales role.

Sales Management Intelligence

Quantify the sales org DNA driving or impeding revenue efficiency.

Integrated people data, salesforce data and performance analytics

Powerful sales 'selection intelligence’ for powering talent acquisition

Custom-configured psychographic profiles for strategic sales roles

Performance-validated Quality-of-Sales-Hire guidance

Career guidance for employers and individuals to optimize development

Asian languages capability developed for Mandarin

and Japanese

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