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Preparing the Foundation for Change (Print Singapore)

​'As important as a high and attractive salary' Why more firms are trying to boost work-li

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1 January 2015

Globally, the media and print industry is undergoing rapid changes as a result of the digital era; technology has changed the way consumers shop and the way businesses operate. The impact on Singapore’s print and media industry is apparent.

Industry output has declined at a compounded annual growth rate of 2.1% from 2006 to 2010 – a drop of 25% over 5 years.

The industry continues to cope with domestic challenges as well; changes in manpower regulations have led to a manpower crunch and organisations now have to compete for the same resource pool. Our workforce profile is changing; with four generations of employees (with an increasing retirement age), from mature workers co-existing in the workplace with millennials and from across various nationalities. Diversity management in the workplace will become more important. Workplace practices and even job roles, scope and competencies will need to be reviewed for relevance. The dynamic changing business conditions and workplace requires our leaders to rethink their business and people strategies.

This article was first published in Print Singapore Issue #001/2015, a bi-monthly publication of the Print & Media Association.

Read More: 2015 Jan-Feb, Page 10


Author: Jacqueline Gwee, Director, aAdvantage Consulting

Jacqueline has had over 25 years of broad-based human resource, change management and business excellence consulting experience in both the public and private sectors. She leads the Research & Insights, Business Excellence & Human Resources solution areas within aAdvantage Consulting.​ She has worked with clients from a range of industries including property, banking & finance, software development, electronic manufacturing, trading, chemicals, government services, healthcare and construction & engineering.​​

Her areas of consulting experience include organisational reviews, design and conduct of organisational and public perception surveys, compensation and benefits advice, job evaluation and performance management systems, executive search & selection, organisational development, corporate restructuring, change management and career & outplacement counselling. ​

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