About HCDT

The HCDT is the national HC diagnostic tool led by WSG and MOM, to help organisations gain valuable insights on the Human Capital Maturity of your organisation. The HCDT replaces the HR Maturity Diagnostic (HRMD) tool, previously managed by Enterprise Singapore, with effect from January 2019.

The HCDT is built upon the HRMD and incorporates features to allow a comprehensive diagnostic approach on HC competencies and perception of HC practices. The tool will holistically assess your organisation’s state of HR across 11 key HC process areas.

The HCDT Offers Insights

From Three Perspectives


The level of HC process institutionalization to control quality results


The combined HC skills of Management and HR required by the organization


Combination of HC practices that lead to better results

Process Fact /

Evidence-based Understanding

An assessor would conduct a strategic discussion with the CEO and Head of HR of the organisation, and a joint study with your HR Team on organisation’s existing HC processes

Competencies Perception-based understanding

Management and HR Team are surveyed for how competent they perceive their organisation to be in HC capabilities

Practices Perception-based understanding

Employees are surveyed for how effective their organisation is in HC practices


The HCDT is a whole-of-government effort and serves to facilitate the initiatives managed by the various government/agencies.

Option A

I would like to undergo HCDT assessment as part of a government/agency initiative

Contact agency who will liaise with IHRP on my behalf

Option B

I would like to undergo HCDT assessment separate from government/agency initiative

Contact IHRP for more details

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