[Webinar] Industry Leaders Discuss on Performance Management in the Enterprises of Tomorrow.

At aAdvantage Consulting, we are constantly looking at innovative technologies that can help our customers like you to evolve your workforce performance further.  

In line with this, we recently entered into a partnership with entomo. 

entomo is a modern Performance Management company whose renowned technology goes beyond just measuring performance. Their software powered by Augmented Intelligence and Behaviour Science help enterprises get their workforces perform better.  What got us impressed and convinced of their value for our clients is how their next-generation platform helps create a clear line-of-sight on individual and team goals, ensuring that they are always aligned with organisation goals. 

We are inviting a select group of our customers and connects to a joint session themed :
'Performance Management in the Enterprises of Tomorrow’
on 18 March (Thursday) from 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM (SGT)

The session will be hosted by Jacqueline Gwee (aAdvantage Consulting) along with Kavitha Venkatachalam (entomo). We will also be joined by YC Lau, Chief Human Resources Officer (Multi-Industry HR & OD Leader) who will share his views on how Performance Management is evolving in Enterprises.

To register, simply click on the box below: 

We look forward to hosting you at the webinar!

Have any questions? Feel free to drop us an email at marketing@aadvantage-consulting.com and we will get back to you promptly!

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