Business Excellence

Organisations on the BE journey are required to attain the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) as a foundation before deepening their niche capabilities in Innovation, People and Service. 


We work with our clients to help them prepare for the certifications. The Business Excellence application process can be a daunting task. You will be required to prepare documentation for submission and site visits. What is the criteria? How should you position your organisation? What should you present to the assessment team during the site visit? How should you prepare your people?


Tap on our experience and knowledge in helping our clients prepare for the Business Excellence assessments. We share best practices and information on the assessment process to ensure you have a good understanding of the certification/award you are reaching for and how to prepare your management and staff for the process.

Based on the internationally benchmarked Business Excellence (BE) Framework, the BE initiative gives you insights on how you can improve business performance. Enterprise Singapore administers Singapore’s Business Excellence initiative. Singapore has been a Centre of Excellence (COE) for Business Excellence since 2009, an international appointment made by the Asian Productivity Organization (APO).

Business Excellence Certification
Holistic approach and Impactful results: Roadmap to Business Excellence
A Systematic Approach to Manage Your Journey Towards Organisational Excellence

Our modular approach will enable us to progressively build on the results of each module as well as to allow you to assess and provide input at each critical checkpoint. Our approach will be highly interactive and will ensure that your concerns and needs are taken into account throughout the project.

aAdvantage's Business Excellence Approach


Project Organisation
& Preliminaries
  • Set up of BE project team and confirm key roles and responsibilities.

  • Conduct preliminary BE gap analyses to determine strengths and key gaps to achieving BE certification.

Create Alignment
  • Conduct workshop for BE project team to address gaps identified in diagnostic.

  • Develop BE Implementation plan to achieve certification within targeted timeline.



  • Assist in preparation of BE application report and documentation.

Assessment Preparation
Assessment by
Enterprise Singapore
  • Prepare for site assessment.

  • Design collaterals and conduct staff communication sessions.



  • Propose recommendations and facilitate alignment of action steps to improve organisational excellence.

Post Assessment Support
Our Business Excellence Services

Our consultants have experience in helping our clients achieve the range of Business Excellence (BE) certifications for public sector as well as private sector organisations. Organisations on the BE journey are required to attain the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) as a foundation before deepening their niche capabilities in Innovation, People and Service.


The assessment of the organisation, using the BE Framework, is based on a 1,000 point-scale. Organisations seeking to be certified must achieve the following:

  • SQC must score at least 400 points.

  • SQC with Niche must fulfil both the minimum requirements of the SQC, and score at least 40 points on a 100 point-scale for each respective niche criteria.

  • SQC STAR must score at least 550 points upon renewal of SQC.

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Srinivasan Venkattapan (KG)

Senior Vice President - Corporate Planning

HITACHI Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Despite the short notice to facilitate, Vincent and his team stepped up to the challenge and exhibited a high degree of commitment and professionalism, right from the first contact. Prior to the retreat itself, they customized the content to align with our target markets and audience, reviewed the contents with stakeholders and designed the regular communication with field leaders. Their commitment to the details went even to the extent of designing the venue and every aspect of the retreat and was quite exemplary. The retreat was facilitated with a good mix of opportunities for the individuals and the teams to listen, reflect and act.

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