Human Capital Development: A Seamless Competitive Structure


Our client was undergoing symptoms of “split” internally and their employee engagement survey (“EES”) results in 2012, revealed challenges in many areas including leadership, staff engagement, communications, teamwork etc.

aAdvantage was initially engaged to conduct focus groups with staff to unpack the results arising out of their EES. Upon initial engagement with the senior management team members, on an individual basis, it became clear that there was much dysfunctions that existed within the senior management team. There was little or no trust amongst key members of the senior management team and going for internal meetings was like going for war, internal war. Yet, at an individual level, it was observed that the same people who contributed to the team dysfunction were passionate and committed to their respective functions within the organisation. aAdvantage then advised the client to start the intervention at the leadership level. Since then we have been on an ongoing journey of change with the organisation


It started with a series of management huddles which focussed on rebuilding management team trust level. Through these huddles, conducted once every month for 6 consecutive sessions, we helped identify the different beliefs, practices and behaviours that contributed to the team dysfunction. 


A set of Leadership Rules of Engagement and expectations of leaders at every level were established. These were tracked over time during the huddles. The interactions amongst the leaders moved from blame to appreciation and constructive feedback were forthcoming. The leadership culture was no longer toxic. As a commitment to change, all leaders went through a 360 feedback on their leadership beliefs and behaviours (“Leadership Values Assessment”) and development initiatives were implemented for them.

Since then, various other initiatives like organisation restructuring and process re-alignment, review of human resource systems, organisation culture assessments, regular staff engagement and core values cascading were introduced to enable the achievement of the revised strategic outcomes.


The level of entropy (a measure of level of dysfunction, from the Culture Values Assessment) of the organisation reduced from a highly toxic score of 51% in 2013 to that of 27% (moderate) after 2 years and they met the goals set-out under the new strategic direction. The organisation is now regularly tracking its culture and its impact on organisation performance. aAdvantage is proud to be a partner to our client in this transformation journey that started in 2013.

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