Companies can apply for grants and incentives to implement flexible work arrangements (FWAs) such as flexi-time, flexi-place and part-time work.

The Work-Life Grant provides funding and incentives for companies to offer flexible work arrangements (FWAs) for employees. The aim is to help employees better manage work and family responsibilities, and enhance the pro-family environment in Singapore.

The FWAs recognised for this grant include flexi-time, flexi-place and part-time work. Other FWAs may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Employees utilising the FWAs must be working on a regular basis, i.e. not ad-hoc or casual employees.

Developmental Grant

The Developmental Grant is a one-time grant of up to $40,000 per company to help you take steps towards implementing work-life strategies, particularly FWAs. It can also help to defray part of the developmental costs, e.g. for training, consultancy and infrastructure.

FWA Incentive

The FWA Incentive encourages you to support more employees on FWAs.

aAdvantage Consulting is one of Ministry of Manpower’s approved Work-Life Grant Consultants providing work-life consultancy services under the WorkPro Work-Life Grant. The areas of work-life consultancy services we provide include:

  • Conducting needs analysis (survey/focus groups) review on current flexible work arrangements (FWA) policies.
  • Analysing findings and providing recommendations to senior management on addressing challenges to FWA implementation and recommending at least two appropriate FWAs for pilot/implementation.
  • Advice on structure to drive work-life strategy.
  • Designing and conducting a half day workshop with senior management to determine goals & targets for work-life.
  • Developing policies and processes to support the implementation of FWAs.
  • Communicating and train staff on FWAs.


To be eligible for the Developmental Grant, you need to:

  • Appoint a work-life ambassador from senior management to champion a work-life friendly workplace for your employees and to communicate the organisation’s work-life policies to your employees
  • Have at least one employee complete the work-life training course


The FWA Incentive should be used to nurture and further workplace cultures that support better work-life harmony. To receive subsequent tranches of payouts, your company needs to sustain the work-life practices at your workplace. In addition, you need to:

  • Appoint a work-life ambassador from senior management to champion a work-life friendly workplace and communicate your organisation's work-life policies to your employees
  • Have formalised 2 or more new FWAs in your HR policies and communicate them to your employees
  • Have no more than 6 in 10 employees on the same FWA type counting towards the 20% or 30% FWA utilisation requirement


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