Aligning Teams for High Performance and Productivity

Don’t expect your team to perform exceptionally from the very onset. Developing a high performing team is a journey and not a one time event. Team formation takes time especially when complexities such as multi cultures and cross functional backgrounds come into the mix. However, you can begin to identify phases as your team journeys through the growth process from being strangers to achieving optimum team performance.

By designing and implementing highly effective team building and development interventions, aAdvantage Consulting has been helping clients through the different phases and situations in the team development process.

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Is your team just getting to know each other? Are there complexities such as differences in culture, age group and functional background?

Members are generally positive and polite. However, expect some anxiousness and concern as objectives and roles are unclear. Often, work is done independently as trust is lacking.

Our team development solution focuses on:

► Developing shared purpose and vision
► Building relationships


Storming / Norming:

Are your team members struggling to engage constructively? Does the team have conflicting ideas and cannot agree on an aligned action plan? Are team members questioning leadership and member roles and performance?

The team discovers one another’s working styles and react to these differences. They may or may not bend their feelings, ideas, attitudes and beliefs to suit the team. Questions and conflicts arise over leadership, structure, power and authority. 

Our team development solution focusses on:

► Communicating dissatisfaction and conflict resolution
► Assessing team structure, leadership and member roles 


EQ for the team:

How do team members manage their emotions and interact with others?

Our team development solution focuses on helping team members:

► Identify emotions in the group and understand each member's general tendencies for responding to situations
► Respond and manage the emotions constructively to achieve the team's objectives
► Manage emotions in difficult / challenging situations


Business Facilitation: 

Are team discussions unproductive because there are too many conflicts and a silo mentality within the team? How can you lead a discussion towards achieving team objectives? Do important issues remain unresolved? How can you conduct an ideation session that inspires and encourages different ideas and views?

aAdvantage facilitators have the right mix of Corporate experience, knowledge of organisational development methodology and diverse backgrounds to lead your team in:

► Creating structures and an open environment for exploration and decision-making
► Challenging the team's processes and behaviours and providing external perspectives.





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