Case Study 1: Outdoor Teambuilding

We organised and facilitated a series of 2-Day/1 Night Outdoor Adventure Team Building programme, at Mount Ophir, for the entire company of around 1000 staff. The company had previously conducted a 2-Day Team Building series at the Kota Rainforest Resort in 2005 and experienced activities such as Rock Climbing, Rafting, Rain Forest Trekking.

Objectives of Programme
Objectives of Study:
  • Interact in a fun and nurturing team environment, experiencing trust and mutual encouragement in times of challenge and uncertainty
  • Discover personal strengths and realise how a positive mindset can "inspire" the entire team
  • Experience how corporate values cn be demonstrated through behaviours on a daily basis and determine the qualities necessary for an effective team
  • Develop team synergy, building rapport towards closer working relationships and open communication


  • Outdoor activities including hiking and climbing
  • Facilitated sessions
  • Experiential activities and de-brief


Key Outcomes:
  • Personal Bonding
  • Established Common Experience
  • Team Awareness and Acceptance
  • Better Teamwork