Creating a consistent wow experience is the difference between attracting customers and retaining them. When an organisation is committed to service excellence, we help them look beyond the obvious. To attain the wow factor and create customer loyalty, both the physical and emotional expectations need to be exceeded.

We partner clients to assess all customer touchpoints from in-store ambience to post-service delivery process, website usability to customer engagement. By utilising measurable and fact-based approaches such as 6 Sigma, Net Promoter Score and Beyond Philosophy, our interventions focus on addressing short term pain points that affect customer experience such as bottlenecks as well as achieving long term savings and results for the organisation.

Service Consultancy:



Facilitation, Engagement and Training:



Skills-Based Training:

We design and conduct skills-based training programmes that align with your customer experience strategy. Leveraging adult learning tools and methodologies, programmes are highly interactive, challenging and stimulating. Participants learn through a combination of discussions, training videos, role plays and case studies.

Progammes include:

► Building Relationships with Customers
► Leading a Service Team
► Service Etiquette
► Managing Challenging Customer
► Managing Service Recovery
► Coaching Service Champions
► Train-the-Trainer
► Networking for Service
► Implement Continuous Improvement in Service Delivery
► Lead a Customer-Focussed Organisation




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