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National Employee Engagement Report 2011/2012


2011/2012 National Employee Engagement Report: National Index and Engagement Level by Industry, Company Size, Age and Employment Tenure

Date Published:     18/05/2013
Author:     aAdvantage Consulting
Price:     SGD 85.60 (includes GST)

Report by aAdvantage Consulting shows employers need to also focus on the relational aspects of the company such as culture, leadership and relationship with managers to sustain engagement.

2011 /2012 National Employee Engagement Report: National Index and Engagement Level by Industry, Company Size, Age and Employment Tenure is a national benchmarking tool from aAdvantage Consulting that provides insights into work perceptions of Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners working in Singapore.

The research is based on quantitative and qualitative data collected from 6,700 respondents over 2 years across various industries, age group and job role / level.

Who is the report for?

This report is essential reading for anyone working to develop a more engaged workforce or team, be they line managers, senior leaders or professionals working in HR or organisational development. It will be of particular relevance to those leading or implementing organisational change, but also offers more general insights into employee engagement and how to foster it.

Report highlights:

  • Engagement levels of the Singapore workforce
  • Key factors that influence employee engagement
  • ‘At-risk’ group – the demographic group that is the least satisfied at work
  • Areas of improvement
  • Key differentiators for various employee demographics (age, job level and employment tenure)


Utilise it as a Guide and Resource:

Despite the data collection, many organisations still struggle with managing their engagement and implementing effective interventions. The report offers practical solutions to help overcome these causes and also delves into current hot topics such as Work-Life.

How to make payment:

The report is available in pdf format . You can make payment via cheque.

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About aAdvantage Consulting nation-wide survey initiatives:

This nation-wide employee engagement study is conducted on an annual basis. It is a valuable resource that we utilise to benchmark our clients’ engagement level. The report is also available to our clients and provides them insights into the labour market.

It is also just one of the many resources that aAdvantage Consulting offers to clients. Another resource that you may wish to view is the aAdvantage National Values Assessment 2012 Report.