Perception People Analytics

Perception PI® is a people-centric business intelligence system. It enables business leaders to optimise workforce decisions (eg. talent acquisition) by predictively identifying the right people for the right job roles, pre and post hire. Perception PI® is founded on a wealth of academic behavioural and psychographic research, and its contextual correlation with people’s actual performance in various workforce settings.  

Through this combination of human and data science, together with analytics and machine learning, the globally-unique Perception PI®  platform guides quicker, smarter decisions by helping:

  • Recruiters and Hiring Managers screen and select job applicants more efficiently and accurately to produce a curated pipeline of candidates for interview;
  • HR Managers screen and select graduates and interns with zero job experience; and separately, identify and better support the right candidates for HiPo programs;
  • Workforce Planning teams understand the underlying talent dynamics that enable better planning and placement of the right people in the right job roles; and
  • Business Unit Managers address cost, revenue and customer experience impacts such as high rates of attrition in critical job roles, and absenteeism/tardiness (identifiable pre-hire!)
How do we partner Perception People Analytics?

aAdvantage works with Perception to deploy Perception PI®, either immediately as an express system, or custom-configured to unique requirements. This involves a robust understanding of job roles through job analysis, and the identification of appropriate workforce data that will validate the desired job profile for hiring and other workforce decisions.

This delivers clients an enterprise brain for workforce analytics that continues to grow in predictive accuracy as it consumes more data over time.

The intelligence from Perception PI® enables aAdvantage Consultants to work with its clients on a wide range of talent acquisition, development and management programmes to optimise insights and decision making. The various systems that comprise the Perception PI® platform (Career Profile, High-Dimensionality Assessment, Curated and Self-Service Predictive Analytics and Performance Measurement and Management) produce a rich understanding of every participating member of your organisation. This enables corporate and business unit managers to identify ‘best fit’ people for job roles, development opportunities and leadership. The team at aAdvantage facilitates closing these development gaps through individual and team coaching, as well as customised leadership development programmes.