National Employee Engagement 2011/2012

When was the last time you listened to your employees?

Singapore National Employee Engagement Index InfographicThe National Employee Engagement Index is a national benchmarking tool from aAdvantage Consulting that provides insights into work perceptions of Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners working in Singapore.


In 2011 and 2012, we conducted a nation-wide employee engagement survey amongst Singapore workforce attracting about 6,700 respondents. The survey revealed interesting insights and indicated an engagement score of 76.5 that can be used to benchmark against companies and organisations.

How does your organisation measure up against the national index?

An engagement issue can present itself in various forms - recruitment issues, low work quality, high absenteeism or talent retention. Before you start designing your employee engagement programmes, do you know what motivates your employees to perform their best and stay in their jobs? What areas should you focus on to enhance your engagement in order to retain talents, nurture employees into brand ambassadors, increase productivity and achieve company goals?

Finding out the root causes through research interventions such as employee engagement surveys, Culture Values assessments and focus group discussions  is the first step in addressing these people related challenges.

Our Employee Engagement Survey 2011/12 reveals key factors that influence employee engagement and areas that CEOs, HR experts and practitioners may want to enhance to increase engagement level. The infographic on the left (click here for the full infographic) provides an overview of the key highlights from the survey:

  • engagement levels of the Singapore workforce,
  • key factors that influence employee engagement,
  • 'at-risk' group - the demographic group that is the least satisfied at work, and
  • areas of improvement.


Enhance your employee engagement with aAdvantage customised solutions

The root causes of engagement challenges are varied but are typically related to HR systems and processes, leadership and organisational culture as highlighted in the National Employee Engagement infographic. aAdvantage customises interventions to address organisation specific challenges through our HR & Leadership solution and our Culture Development solution.


Examples of HR
& Leadership Interventions:
a) Recruitment & Selection gap analysis
b) Develop Performance Management process
c) Develop Leadership Competencies framework

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Examples of Culture Development Interventions:
a) Culture Strategy Alignment workshop
b) Values Cascading and Alignment workshop

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