ACT to Deliver Sustainable and Measurable Business Value

Are you an SME looking to meet the basic HR requirements as an employer?

Are you a Large Local Enterprise requiring a structured approach to developing people capabilities in support of your expansion and growth plans?

Are you in need of a structured and reliable system to identify your next-generation leaders?


Human resources affect all organisations regardless of size and industry type. As a Small and Medium size Enterprise, practising good HR policies and procedures attract talents and keep your employees engaged which can lead to improved productivity and increased employee retention. Establish fundamental HR systems and processes such as:

Employee Handbook

When you have a strong foundation in HR, managing people shifts from
being a challenge to a strategic and competitive advantage.

HR needs evolve as your business grows.

As a Large Local Enterprise, do you have the human capital to support your expansion and growth plans? Are you recruiting the right people for the job? Are you developing your employees to prepare them to take on and excel in their new roles? Do you provide your employees with the right culture and environment that enable them to manage the change and deliver your business strategy?

Establish a structured approach to talent development through HR practices such as:

Competency Development

As an established organisation, you may be planning for corporate growth over the long term. The importance of excellent management and inspirational leadership can never be underestimated. Under great leadership, teams flourish, driving continuous and sustainable growth for the business. A wrong choice in leadership can cost you time, money and competitive advantage.

A structured HR approach that includes interventions such as:

Talent Audit  

can help you identify high potentials, assess current leaders and equip them with skills to take on cross-functional responsibilities, facilitate change and innovation and improve culture and performance within the organisation.

Our Human Capital Development solution is scalable to support your  business strategy and needs. We enable you to optimise your HR function so it can provide pro-ACTive support to business units on strategic and tactical HR matter.



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