Government Grants and Schemes

Take your organisation to the next level with these 6 must-know government schemes

Are you a Singapore registered company and seeking assistance in achieving your business goals?

The Singapore government has rolled out several schemes that provide full or partial funding to locally registered organisations (including SMEs, large local companies, MNC and associations) for their capability development initiatives.

These funding schemes include cash grants, government backed equity financing schemes, business incubator schemes, debt financing schemes, and tax incentives.

Here are a few schemes that can help defray the cost of consultancy and implementation of capability development initiatives such as training programmes, productivity improvements, IT upgrades, HR systems and  customer centric initiatives.

aAdvantage Consulting is an approved service provider for some of the modules included in the schemes. Find out how we can help you leverage these funding opportunities by clicking on the respective grants at the bottom, or contact us at 6853 2658 for a complimentary consultation. We can advise you on:

  • Areas of work
  • Grant amount
  • Key deliverables of consultant
  • Desired outcomes
  • How to apply



Government Grants and Schemes

Capability Development Grant (CDG)

Customer Centric Initiative (CCI)