Enterprise Training Support (ETS)

Under the Enterprise Training Support scheme (ETS), a total of $20 million will be made available to companies over 2 years under 5 grants.

Are you looking to raise your employees' productivity and competency level?
Do you have HR and management systems and practices tied to training as part of your attraction and retention strategy? 
Do you require assistance in benchmarking your compensation and benefits to attract and retain talent?

The Enterprise Training Support (ETS) scheme is a financial assistance programme jointly developed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and Ministry of Manpower (MOM). The programme offers you holistic HR and training package for you to train and develop your employees, and raise productivity. Tap on ETS to deliver in-house WSQ and On-the-Job Training (OJT). ETS can also defray costs incurred by you, in enhancing your HR development functions, and in reviewing and benchmarking your compensation and benefits system to restructure wages.

All companies registered or incorporated in Singapore can receive funding support under 5 areas:

Enterprise Training Support ETS









aAdvantage Consulting can assist you in:

Point 1
Raising Skills Level of Employees
Consulting and Training Services:
  • Identifying core functional competencies of your workforce, skills gap and develop a training plan aligned to your business goals
  • Develop On-the-Job Training blueprints
  • Develop and conduct customised non-WSQ training that are aligned to your training roadmap


Point 2
Developing  HR framework to Support Training Plan

Consulting Services:

  • Integrating WSQ into training plan and HR policy framework 
  • Developing a career progression pathway tied to training roadmap with WSQ
Point 3
Reviewing the Wage System

Consulting Services:

  • Conducting compensation and benefits salary benchmarking consultancy to identify gaps and recommend actions towards competitive company wages
  • Review and identify gaps within the company's wage system


Are you Eligible?

  • Organisations, companies, societies and non-profit organisations registered or incorporated in Singapore
  • Companies who have previously tapped on similar government grants will not qualify for specific grant components within ETS


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