Change Enablement

Change management is not “just communication” or “just training“, 
it is a holistic framework and a set of tools to support individuals
in embracing the changes in their jobs and organisations

Our Change Enablement solution develops strategies and activities to support both organisational and  individual transitions from the current state to your desired future state. Taking a systematic approach to your change management, we start by understanding the current culture and existing behaviours in the organisation and establish the readiness for change of the people.  Understanding the desired culture and behaviours for a successful future also establishes the alignment of the people to the overall vision.

Adopting a systematic approach to facilitate the transition from the current to future state accelerates the rate of change and increases the probability of success.  We work with organisation to develop interventions that are integrative, effective and bring about sustainable change in both the organisation and individual levels.

According to a 2010 Economic Intelligence Unit survey, overall competitive and cost environment,
customer demand and increase market share were the three main catalysts for change in the business environment of today.
Senior executives need continuously transform their organisations to stay agile and competitive.

Where do you start? What is involved? Who is involved and what are their roles? How do you ensure a positive and sustainable outcome?
Some studies show that only 10% of change management programmes are successful?


According to an online survey conducted by The McKinsey Quarterlythe most successful transformations of business performance occur when executives mobilise and sustain energy within their organizations and communicate their objectives clearly and creatively, Executives further improve their chances for success if they significantly raise employee expectations, actively change people’s behaviour, and engage the attention of individuals at all levels of the organization, from top management to the front line.

While many organisations are at least adequately prepared to facilitate organisational transitions  (e.g. re-organise and restructure the organisation, conduct process re-engineering and improvement, establish systems enhancements), few organisations understand how to address individual transitions  (i.e. change behaviours, transfer skills and change attitudes) or the need to ensure that individual transitions are aligned with organisational transitions.  Transitions, both individual and organisational, are critical drivers of successful change. 


Change Enablement
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