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Is Google Culture the Right Culture for You?

Tor Eneroth, Network Director of Barrett Values Centre, was in town recently and I had the opportunity to sit with him to talk about his newly minted whitepaper entitled "Transforming Culture in Larger Organisations". In the whitepaper which he put together with Ashely Munday, he shared learnings and case studies which are applicable to both large as well as smaller organisations.



4 Tips to Culture Building

If someone were to ask you to work on your organisational culture today, what would you do?
Would you plan a major cascading programme? Implement practices and policies of other successful companies? Or question the relevance of culture to the success outcomes of your organisation?


Is There a 'Best Workplace Culture'?

An elderly man was spotted by a kind lady living in very squalid conditions in his rental flat. He was covered with bugs.
She not only helped the man clean up, but with the help of others, cleaned up his home. My heart goes to this wonderful group of people who extend themselves to the larger community. (“Man who didn't bathe for over 10 years gets help” 1 Jul 2015, My Paper)