Meeting both physical and emotional needs for a consistent signature customer experience.

Building a customer-centric organisation is an organisation-wide effort that impacts systems and processes as well as its people. We focus on delivering strategic and tactical interventions therefore our approach takes clients through a systematic and customised process.

aAdvantage Customer Experience Approach

Engage & Diagnose
  • Identify and define what service means in the context of your organisation
  • Conduct “voice of customers” research; touch-point analysis
  • Determine what drives customer’s decision to recommend / speak favourably of your organisation (Net Promoter Score)
  • Conduct service culture audit; identify internal service “promoters” and “inhibitors”
  • Recommend draft “blue-print for change”
Define Service Intent & Customer Experience

Based on insights from “Engage & Diagnose”, facilitate the development and confirmation of:

  • Service Vision, Outcomes & Desired Service Behaviours
  • Desired customer experience(s) for your customers
  • Key priorities and interventions to achieve service outcomes
Operationalise Customer Experience
  • Recommend changes to procedures, standards, staff behaviours and verbiages and physical attributes like store-front, collaterals, uniforms etc.
  • Redesign Key Back-end Processes from “Outside-in” Perspective
Internalise Service Vision & Desired Experience
  • Develop and implement Change & Communication plan
  • Design & conduct Customer Experience programme for staff
  • Design & conduct Customer Experience programmes for leaders
  • Conduct service coaching / programme evaluation
  • Conduct cross-functional team development for service delivery
Build System for Sustainable Change
  • Develop service competency framework to deliver service outcomes.
  • Develop training roadmap
  • Develop & conduct coaching / leadership programme
  • Design Rewards & Recognition schemes for service excellence
  • Review service structure & roles
  • Develop service analytics & customer intelligence
  • Manage service reviews & performance
  • Design service recovery systems & approaches
  • Review performance management system & appraisal process
Conduct Post-Implementation Review
  • Conduct post-service survey / audit/ reviews
  • Plan for improvement



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