Clear, Purposeful and Effective Collaborations

The level of engagement from participants is critical to making management retreats successful.

How can we create an environment optimal for engagement and sharing? Are the participants ready for change?
Do they understand the business case for change? How do we make them collective aligned to organisation goals?

Management Retreats will not be as effective if the process is not managed systematically.

aAdvantage Group Facilitation Approach

  • Clarify and confirm workshop objectives
  • Review documentation (aAdvantage) e.g. past strategic review papers, annual reports, survey results
  • Design and propose suitable workshop outline
  • Recommend appropriate facilitator/s


  • Facilitate the workshop, while maintaining the flexibility to amend the programme based on engagement with key stakeholders
  • Create a conducive platform by incorporating relevant and impactful experiential activities (indoors and outdoors)
  • Note taking to ensure follow-up action and reference


  • Post facilitation meetings to ascertain the effectiveness of the session, and recommend any follow-up action plan
  • Submit the workshop notes and the post workshop survey (optional)

aAdvantage Group Facilitators have integrated Adult Learning Principles, Experiential Learning Theory and Change Management Concepts into their business facilitation. A wide range of tools and engagement platforms are used to create an optimal ‘Retreat Environment’ that is customised to the participants’ profiles.




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